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rotovirus vaccine?

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justalilmummy Tue 22-Oct-13 23:18:29

Went for my ds first set of jabs today and was told he was to be given a rotavirus vaccine.
Id not heard of this so didnt have time to find out much about it. He was given the vaccine along with the other ones
A few hours later he began to cry and I mean really sob hes heart out for 3 hours pretty much non-stop and has done a few explosive nappies. Hes tummy was rock solid and he was clearly in alot of pain which I believe has been caused by this vaccine.
Just wanted opinions on whether u would give him the next dose or not, dont want this to be a debate on whether u should/shouldn't vaccinate ur children, just want to know what u would do in my situation?
He also has a high temp but I suspect that is due to the other vaccines

justalilmummy Tue 22-Oct-13 23:39:23

Also has anyone elses baby reacted the same? What did u do to help them, calpol just didnt help :-(

RoadToTuapeka Tue 22-Oct-13 23:46:18

My baby had the first dose at about 14 weeks, the second the recommended date later. He had no adverse reactions either time. I am sorry yours was poorly after though.

Where I live it is optional though and you pay for it (equivalent of £90) - is expensive but I have seen my sister's family with two little children go through several bouts of D&v and anything to reduce the chances of that!

So far (DS is 9 months now) he's not had any d&v bugs.

justalilmummy Tue 22-Oct-13 23:51:38

Thankyou roadtotuapeka
My eldest had the bug when he was 6 months and he was so poorly, but my poor ds was so distressed and I think they need 2 more doses I just dont think I can put him through that again, but I dont want him to catch it im so torn!

Harry1009 Thu 14-Nov-13 23:14:19

Hi. My little one had his 8 week vaccinations today and included was the rotavirus vaccination. Approx 31/2 hours later was crying uncontrollably, extremely distressed and his left leg was bright red. I took him straight to the doctors who said it was likely to be a slight reaction likely to be to the rotavirus as the nurse said it had happened before. Gave him calpol, still didn't settle and ended up in the children's ward getting him checked. Thankfully has settled now and nothing found to be wrong but not sure if I had the choice again that I would have that vaccine. To me it seems an awful lot of vaccinations to be given in one go (7) and that their immune systems simply can't handle it. Also the rotavirus being a live vaccine will likely give him an upset tummy for a few days. I appreciate this is not as bad as having the rotavirus but possibly feel that having 7 vaccines in one go is too much and if I was to agree to it again I may well ask for it at another time and not all together

Sunnysummer Thu 14-Nov-13 23:27:36

It is a live vaccine, so can cause some tummy trouble. DS didn't have an adverse reaction but in any case I'm so glad he did it - a few weeks ago rotavirus went around our playgroup and he still got it but very mildly, none of the other vaccinated ones got it, and of the 2 unvaccinated one was very poorly and one ended up in hospital on a drip. I was surprised it's still possible to get the illness after the vaccine but the doctor said it prevents something like 80% of total cases and 98% of hospital admissions.

That said, I'm no expert in the vaccine overall and adverse reactions - can you talk with your doctor about any risk?

Monkeyandanimal Mon 03-Feb-14 08:36:06

OP that's just what happened with us; wasn't expecting the oral vaccine, no research done, went ahead anyway (flustered) and baby was very very upset a few hours later and all evening. Bright red thighs at point of vaccination and she wouldn't feed for comfort. i think she felt nauseous....Not sure whether to go for second dose there more harm done by refusing 2nd dose? my boys never reacted to their vaccines at all, but the rotavirus wasn't included then.... i have a suspicion of these live oral vaccines anyway....just don't feel right....

bumbleymummy Wed 05-Feb-14 19:02:08

Maybe worth weighing up the risk of her actually contracting rotavirus Monkey? Is she in child care, is she bf or ff fed etc. It doesn't sound like she reacted too well so I would feel as reluctant as you are to give another dose.

Monkeyandanimal Thu 06-Feb-14 07:24:27

Thanks bumbley; i'll do a bit of research and ask a few more people and weigh it up a bit more. She's not in childcare but her brother is so could bring nasty bugs home. On the other hand she is EBF so should have some defences. maybe the second dose would be ok as she would already have built up some antibodies....

Justlilmummy, did you go for the second dose in the end? How did he react this time if you did?

ATacticalNameChange Thu 06-Feb-14 07:31:28

Nearly every child has had rotavirus by age five. The chances of your DC catching it are extremely high. It's usually not srrious but it can be horrible. Like most childhood illnesses, then.

The 'lots of immune cgallenges at once' is a red herring. If you take your DC out and about thry are exposed to gazillions of pathogens each day.

notwoo Thu 06-Feb-14 07:41:57

My day was really poorly with rotavirus-lasted well over a week and only just avoided being hospitalised (as we got up every hour of so during the night to give him tiny sips of dioralyte. He was so weak and floppy and produced an absolutely insane amount of poo and vomit.
I'm sure it's horrible for them if they have a reaction to the vaccine but nothing compared to the actual bug.

notwoo Thu 06-Feb-14 07:42:36

Ds, not day!

sksk Thu 06-Feb-14 07:50:13

The rotavirus vaccine was suspended a few years ago due to intusucception which is a dangerous and life threatening condition( the bowel becomes obstructed). I only know this because my mum used to be a public health doctor. I didn't know about it beforehand so my baby had the first rotavirus vaccination but I declined the next. He had a bad tummy afterwards too but take your baby tot he doctor as it sounds like it is worth getting someone to check it out. I don't know what they changed but the vaccine has been reintroduced as of this year or last year. He got all the other vaccinations though.

callamia Thu 06-Feb-14 07:50:57

My son had a reaction at the two months imms. He had a temperature, and the next morning his nappy was dark green and horrid. His temp was solved with calpol, and the next day his poo returned to normal.

I thought carefully about whether to give him a second rv dose, and I did because the side effects were relatively short-lived and, honestly, mild compared to the actual bug. We had no similar reactions at three months. No temp, no grim nappies, relief!

CatherinaJTV Thu 06-Feb-14 09:04:45

sksk - that was a different vaccine, not the one currently used.

sksk Thu 06-Feb-14 13:51:24

Yes it was a different vaccine and I can.t remember which pharmaceutical company it was from. My son still had issues though thankfully not severe, but I didn't want him to have more. However it is a personal matter and up to individual choice.

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