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Repeated vaccinations due to error

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3xM Thu 03-Oct-13 11:38:19

DD had her second set of jabs last week (she's 12 weeks). Then, yesterday, I received a phone call from the surgery nurse to say that she had made a mistake giving her the injections last week as there had only been 3, rather than 4, weeks between doses. She now wants me to bring her back in next week to repeat the injections.

This sounds like rather a lot of vaccinating to me. I'd rather not have to have them again but if it needs doing, then so be it. Has this happened to anyone else? Does this sound right?

CatherinaJTV Thu 03-Oct-13 13:46:00

this does not sound right for two reasons:

First of all, the body will respond to the second dose of vaccination even if it was a week early. The response might not be quite as good, but given that countries like Sweden ( just do two rounds of shots in year one (at 3 and 5 months), biologically your daughter should be just fine.

Second of all, this is really poor book keeping and I would demand that your surgery 1) apologises and 2) explains to you how they intend to prevent such errors in the future.

My recommendation (disclaimer, I am NOT a doctor) would be to not take her in for a repeat second round, but rather do the third round (as a proper third round at the appropriate spacing to the first set of shots).

Discuss this with the GP if you feel unsure, but there is really NO biological reason I can see to do the shots again.

onedogandababy Thu 03-Oct-13 13:55:46

I'd also check what she's been jabbed with, iirc, they are different/partly different to the first lot and then at 16 weeks they get the booster to both 8 & 12 week jabs.
Aside from that I wouldn't duplicate them a week later, seems a bit excessive. Ask to speak to the paediatric gp at your surgery before you make a decision.

CatherinaJTV Thu 03-Oct-13 14:45:36

2 months: 5 in 1

3 months: 5 in 1

4 months: 5 in 1

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