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Where to get single measles jab in SW London

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TheHouseofMirth Thu 25-Apr-13 18:38:58

Can anyone please recommend somewhere to get single measles jabs in SW London or north Surrey?

Just to be clear, I don't want to get into a debate about the safety of MMR, our decision about this has nothing to do with Wakefield or autism.

CatherinaJTV Thu 25-Apr-13 18:44:19

would they work for you?

TheHouseofMirth Thu 25-Apr-13 19:46:21

Yes, that's do-able CatherinaJTV. Do you have any personal experience of them?

CatherinaJTV Thu 25-Apr-13 19:54:42

no, I just googled them. Their website looks very good, compared to dodgy another supplier I have looked at, for example they clearly state the name of the responsible GP, which brand vaccine they use, what side effects to expect. They don't make any exaggerated claims. They appear very conscientious, but I really just go by what I see on the web site.

TheHouseofMirth Thu 25-Apr-13 21:41:31

I didn't like the feel of this one

What do you think of this place?

CatherinaJTV Thu 25-Apr-13 22:16:53

I agree about the first one. The second one is a bit hard on the eyes, but I don't see anything contentious...

TheHouseofMirth Thu 25-Apr-13 22:55:42

For some reason I am dubious about a vaccine manufactured in India rather than the French one but that's totally irrational, isn't it?

CatherinaJTV Fri 26-Apr-13 10:28:43

My concern would be that India is further away than France and in general hot, so the risk of an interruption of a cold chain is higher. Professionally handled, both vaccines would be ok to have.

TheHouseofMirth Fri 26-Apr-13 10:38:18

CatherinaJTV thank you so much for your help and advivce. Please can you explain what you have said about the cold chain in lay-woman's terms for me please?

CatherinaJTV Fri 26-Apr-13 10:52:09

the vaccine itself has to be kept colder than 7 or 8 degrees at all times, but it cannot be frozen either. 30 minutes at room temperature (so not even particularly hot) will reduce its effectiveness. This means that a child would be vaccinated, but the virus would not multiply and the child would not make antibodies (or not as many) and therefore might not be immune. Interruption of the "cold chain" (i.e. the successive fridges a vaccine is being kept in from manufacturer, to storage, to transport, to local storage) is the main reason for vaccines "going bad" (which doesn't make them any more "dangerous", just useless).

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