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Both doses of MMR ASAP but docs receptionist says they are only doing children who are called for it?

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MrTumblesTreasureMap Thu 25-Apr-13 18:14:05

Hi everyone

Dd has her MMR on Monday (first dose, aged 13.5 months). The receptionist wouldn't let me book it at first saying they are only vaccinating children who are being called in. I had to explain several times that dd was overdue for it and missed being called because we moved house recently. After some umming and aahing she booked us in.

I've just been on the nhs page and it says children should have both doses ASAP? So what do I do it my surgery isn't letting anyone have it done unless they are called which she won't be for the booster until she is 3/4.

I'm worrying because its only recently I've actually accepted that dd should have the MMR (i blame scare tactics from another forum I use for me delaying it) so I'm worried about doing it wrong and not protecting her properly as a result of my stupidity.

Please can anyone advise me what to do next?

ilovepowerhoop Thu 25-Apr-13 20:36:43

are you in an area with an outbreak? Get her the first MMR and then depending on the amount of cases near you then she may get called in for her second dose. You can have the second dose as soon as 3 months after the first one.

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