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Vaccinations in the US, compulsory for pre-school entry.

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PuffPants Fri 19-Apr-13 15:44:14

We have just moved to the US and I have been hounded on a daily basis by the school nurse to get DS to the paediatrician for his examination and vaccinations. They have to have a signed Health Certificate in order to be allowed to attend the school. This applies to all schools, state or private.

So we went along and I was amazed by the sheer number of vaccines they offer. Many are compulsory, some are just recommended. Poor DS had to have hepatitis B and A plus varicella - chicken pox. The latter I was actually ok with as I do like the idea of dodging the cpox bullet but the heps? Do they really have a problem here with children catching Hepatitis B? I may be being naive but isn't that a disease associated with casual sex or drug use? They also want him to have a blood test to see if he's been exposed to lead. Eh?

Anyone know why the US are so nuts about immunisations? Is it because insurance companies are footing the bill rather than the government?

Not for the first time since arriving here I have felt nostalgic for the good old NHS.

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