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single measles jab containing human blood products

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desprodad Thu 18-Apr-13 22:50:36

i recently read something that got me order to develop vaccines for viruses they must be propagated on human cells. these human cells are either called human albumin or human diploid cells. either way they are from human blood which slightly concerns me, especially since some are then put in bovine serum (as part of the process). hence there is a concern of CJD (creutzfeldt-jakob disease), since there is no screening of it in blood (i believe). when i researched it further i found that the human protein cells needed was from fetal cell line MRC-5 which was lung tissue taken from a 14 wk fetus that was aborted for psychiatric reasons. apparently this line has been used in vaccines (not sure which ones) for years, the fact that it was aborted for psychiatric reasons made me think could this be a reason for some of our children being autistic??? also, there is another fetal cell line WI-38 human diploid cells from a 3 month aborted female. not sure if my understanding is correct, so pls. correct me if i got it all wrong. tried to contact the manufacturers of the single measles jab (sanofi pasteur and m-vac (SII)) but to no avail. if anyone has any scientific knowledge of how it works pls. reply and enlighten me. i'm needing the measles jab and one vaccine is propagated on human diploid cells, the other on human albumin, is one safer, more effective than the other??? or its much of a much. i believe the sanofi pasteur one is the same as the one used in the mmr. a dad needing enlightenment! thanks.

CatherinaJTV Thu 18-Apr-13 23:05:01

Human albumin is just a protein, not a cell. It is not isolated from human blood these days, so not a problem in terms of contamination. The human diploid cell lines (all our cells are diploid btw) predate CJD. The fetus was obviously not aborted because s/he or mum were autistic, it is just one of the various justifications for abortions. All licensed vaccines have gone through the same kind of safety testing.

PhyllisDoris Thu 18-Apr-13 23:12:34

Really despro, if you need tha vaccination, just have it. Don't over think it.
THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN THE MMR JAB AND AUTISM. The theory was just a theory, not fact. It was disproved and the chap discredited.

bumbleymummy Fri 19-Apr-13 06:41:06

Iirc it's the rubella vaccine that's grown on human diploid cells from an aborted foetus. The rouvax vaccine does have human albumin.

bumbleymummy Fri 19-Apr-13 06:46:20

Just realised the SII vaccine is grown on diploid cells too (the alternative to chick embryos so that it can be egg free). I guess it really depends on what your objection is to them. If people object to the use of cells from an aborted foetus and refuse the rubella vaccine on those grounds then it would make sense that they would prefer Rouvax.

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