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Combining pre-school boosters with travel vaccines - is there any advice against this?

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AryaUnderfoot Thu 04-Apr-13 18:23:10

DD is due to have her pre-school boosters in July. We are travelling, in the summer, to a country where hepatitis A vaccination is recommended.

DD (like all children) is not a fan of being jabbed in the arm/leg with a pointy needle. She has, however, never had any sort of adverse reaction to a vaccine. In fact, I don't think she's even had a raised temperature.

To save the hassle of having to have her jabbed on two separate occasions, does anyone know if it would be possible to combine all these vaccines together into one 'session'? Are there any reasons why this would be inadvisable?

Many thanks.

Sidge Thu 04-Apr-13 18:30:13

You can certainly combine preschool boosters with a travel vaccine.

So she would be given 3 vaccines - her diphtheria/tetanus/polio/whooping cough booster, her MMR booster and her Hepatitis A vaccine. They can be given together.

HOWEVER check with your surgery how they do clinics; some surgeries may not do any additional consults in a child imms clinic for example. I will pre-assess travel health and if a child is due their PSB before travel I will offer them in a travel appointment.

AryaUnderfoot Thu 04-Apr-13 19:43:38

Thanks for the advice, Sidge.

TBH, I have no idea how the appointment system is currently working at our surgery. I think our GP has semi-retired and the surgery has recently merged with another one. As a family, we visit the GP so rarely (the last time DD visited the GP was for her six-week post-natal check) that the appointment system has always changed since the last time!

I will definitely try to combine all our vaccine appointments into one if I can....

CatherinaJTV Fri 05-Apr-13 08:20:05

talk to the nurse - you can do all three in one, or do the MMR now and then the DTaP and hepA in May. Either should work fine. My son just got three shots (HepA, Typhoid and Yellow Fever) for a trip and he was perfectly fine (although he had had a fever after his dTaP booster - go figure), so three worked for us.

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