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Starting to have MMR doubts and panicking

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SneezingwakestheJesus Thu 28-Mar-13 19:20:42

I had finally decided to give my dd the MMR and she has her appointment next week. But now I'm having doubts again and panicking. Her uncle has autism and his mum is utterly convinced it happened after the MMR. I know that study was a fake/discredited etc but I'm finding it hard to see past her, and other parents online, strong belief that the signs of autism appeared overnight in their children. And those recent court cases where parents were given compensation on the basis that the vaccines their children had may be linked to their condition worry me too.

What if some autism is caused by the vaccine in some way? What if there is a genetic predisposition to having autism and all it needs is a trigger? What if my dd has a genetic predisposition from that side of the family?

I know I sound paranoid but I'm really struggling with this. On one hand I could give her a vaccination that will protect her from diseases but isn't guaranteed not to harm her. On the other, I don't give her the vaccination but she may catch one of these diseases and may be ever worse off than if the vaccine did harm her. I'm so torn and muddled about it.

I just don't know what to do and I don't know what I expect from posting here but I can't talk to my family about it.

juliaboo Fri 31-May-13 10:39:47

Just to throw into the mix - apparently inflammation in the brain (neuroinflammation) has been found in in higher numbers in autistic people (sorry to be unscientific but can't remember where I read it but not the daily Mail for sure smile - google neuroinflammation and autism)
Anyhoo, what I understood it to mean was that it's an immune system problem that can lead to inflammation in the brain, which is present in higher numbers in autistic people (though there are many other causes of autism as well) Obviously, any jag/infection etc can cause high temp & may lead to inflammation in brain if immune system not strong. So a child could develop autism following MMR or following an infection like measles.
My brother is autistic btw (pre MMR) so I got my DS now age 12 single jabs back when he was a toddler just in case there was any genetic predisposition/ immune system issue which might've meant the MMR triggered autism in him. My mum is convinced it was the forceps delivery that gave him brain damage -we'll never know.
Now I have a 12mnth old DS and am considering it all over again but would not leave him unvaccinated, so it's either 2 jags separately or MMR

Lots of kids used to die of the measles until the vaccine was introduced. We just don't remember, but my gran does smile
Parents should have the choice of single vaccines then outbreaks wouldn't occur
Doctors/NHS/government are not always right smile & they are in the pockets of pharmas for sure. Anyone who doesn't believe so just go to your GP & ask for help with a phobia or anxiety & see what they offer you (it wont be CBT or other v effective psychological treatments, it will be betablockers!!)

bumbleymummy Fri 31-May-13 21:18:04

I've actually been revommended for CBT and hypnosis for my phobias but my doctor is lovely smile

juliaboo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:42:01

That's reassuring smile

Oceansurf Tue 27-Aug-13 21:07:20

Sorry to bump an old thread..

OP Did your child have the MMR?

I'm currently leaning towards separate jabs...but leaving single measles until LO is about 15/16 months...12 months seems too young to me. She reacted v badly to her 2 and 4 month jabs.

monkey36 Sat 07-Sep-13 22:49:10

Hi, my son had separates but before I could get the last mumps done, the single mumps vaccine went out of production. I did not worry too much at first, but as he got older (12) I could not not stop worrying that he might mumps and suffer infertility.... so I just went for one MMR- all fine. No reaction at all which suggests that he probably had immunity but I did not want to go own the blood test route. Glad I let him have the MMR, but then he was much older, and had most of the vaccines singularly. It's hard, I know but I am sure you will make the right decision. It's bonkers that we cannot get a licensed single mumps vaccines.

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