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Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF): Another Disease Caused By Vaccines

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rosi7 Sun 03-Mar-13 14:51:46

CatherinaJTV Sun 03-Mar-13 15:35:41

no it isn't

Tabitha8 Sun 03-Mar-13 16:46:01

I don't doubt that there are other websites out there supporting both sides of the argument.

CatherinaJTV Sun 03-Mar-13 16:53:19

mine is newer than yours Tabitha grin and I don't go by websites, especially not by Rosi's.

Tabitha8 Sun 03-Mar-13 16:54:16

Only by four years. smile

CatherinaJTV Sun 03-Mar-13 17:53:32

I know, but 80% of the MMF literature is from the same French group and I find Dr Siegrist's article really convincing. Even supporters of the MMF theory say that it is only a risk for certain (rare) genotypes (which is why most MMF reports, especially the early ones) and in over 60 year old French ladies.

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