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4 jabs today. What to expect?

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OpheliasWeepingWillow Thu 15-Nov-12 03:51:48

Today my DD had measles, Japanese encephalitis, Rabies and a flu shot (we don't live in the UK).

Any idea of what to expect and how to manage any symptoms of reaction?

CatherinaJTV Thu 15-Nov-12 09:49:12

acutely, a temperature starting within 6 hours or so of the shots that could last for a couple of days, local aches, general achiness. This would be caused by the Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies or flu shots. The measles shot can cause a temp/fever about a week after the vaccination (for MMR, the peak of reactions is on day 9), maybe a rash that should bother your DD, and general grumpiness.

All of these reactions are "can happens" not "will happens", so I am hoping that your DD will be just fine smile

I hear that the "later" rabies shots (so the third in the series, I think) can hurt quite a lot, maybe ask your doctor then what they recommend to ease that (maybe cooling of the injection site or so). All the best!

OpheliasWeepingWillow Thu 15-Nov-12 23:59:49

Thank you!

CatherinaJTV Fri 16-Nov-12 20:35:06

missed a "not" in my post above - the rash should NOT bother your DD

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