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samie10 Sun 28-Oct-12 13:52:53

Im in the UAE where it is recommended that babies receive the rotavirus vaccine. What's the feedback on it in the uk? It's a relatively new vaccination and I am concerned about side effects, short and long term. Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks

lljkk Sun 28-Oct-12 14:20:59

I don't think we have the jab in the UK. Very well established in the USA.
Some BBC info that sounds scary. I don't see any reason not to get it if easily available & you're getting all the usual other jabs.

samie10 Sun 28-Oct-12 15:37:54

Thanks for the link. It's the effects of the vaccination that I am concerned about as its a fairly new drug. Also, there are so many variations of the virus, it only protects against one.....

NichyNoo Mon 29-Oct-12 17:54:38

It is recommended in Belgium and is taken via oral drops at around 6 months old if I remember rightly.

LilyVonSchtupp Sat 10-Nov-12 20:15:12

It is now recommended in the UK - from next year onwards. Very good news.

Kathrynes Sat 10-Nov-12 20:44:55


A must read is the link below.

I just signed this petition -- will you join me?

Stop the use of Rotavirus animal virus contaminated vaccines on our babies
To: Protectors-Governments, Health Professionals, The WWW, All Media

The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

Beaaware Sat 10-Nov-12 21:49:34

Saw an advert on TV tonight regarding this vaccine, seems to me it is being hyped up, best to check the vaccine side effects, ingredients and then make an informed choice for your child.

sashh Sun 11-Nov-12 06:26:25

I think it's drops rather than a jab. Being brought in soon in the UK.


I don't follow you do you want to stop something that hasn't started? Who are The WWW? I don't think the media vaccinates anyone's children.

vvviola Sun 11-Nov-12 06:33:48

I was offered it for DD2 in Belgium - but it wasn't part of the 'standard' vaccinations - just an extra recommended one.

Public health doc was quite casual about it & when she heard DD wasn't going to be in childcare before her 1st birthday she kind of said "oh, you probably don't need it then - it can spread around crèches very fast so we do recommend it strongly if they are going into crèche."

It was offered here (NZ) too, but again as a recommended and not as one of the free ones. I decided against it then too, partly for the reasons we'd heard from the Belgian doctor & partly because I wasn't able to find a lot of information on it at the time (I suspect jet lag impeded my google skills grin)

Kathrynes Sun 11-Nov-12 17:53:33
Copy the link above and you will know all there is about this very NOT new vaccine, it was withdrawn in 2010 in the USA and WWW is the World Wide Web. The link on Avaaz is a petition to stop the continued unethical practice by the pharmaceutical companies.
People don't ask enough questions so keep on asking.

CatherinaJTV Sun 11-Nov-12 18:29:08

Kathrynes - Mercola is a sales website offering useless supplements framed by dangerous fear mongering about vaccines. The rotavirus vaccine is part of the routine infant immunisation schedule in the US. Rotavirus is no walk in the park (although seldom fatal in the UK) and can lead to really bad dehydration really fast. I think it is great that the NHS will be offering it now (chicken pox next, please).

Tabitha8 Sun 11-Nov-12 19:13:19
Just because it's on Mercola, doesn't mean that the information is incorrect.
The question is, is it the same vaccination as was being reported on then?
According to that, it will be the Rotarix vaccine.

samie10 Fri 23-Nov-12 18:48:12

I've been away for several weeks, just logged on and seen the responses, plus the uk guidelines have changed since my original post. Going to have a read of the links and come back. Dd is due next week as 14 weeks but so far, can not find compelling argument for her to have it, would welcome some comments..?

ElaineBenes Sun 25-Nov-12 04:49:07

NHS are introducing it from September 2013 so you could probably find something on it on the nice website. It's a nasty and unpleasant illness and can kill young babies through dehydration (they dehydrate more quickly and harder to get iv fluids into their smaller veins), why take the risk? If I had a young baby, I'd give it in a heartbeat.

stargirl1701 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:48:13

It will be part of the vaccination schedule in the UK from next year. It is administered as drops in two separate doses. The age range is 2-4 months. There isn't enough supply to start this year. The manufacturer is Glaxo.

We are having our LO vaccinated privately next week with this vaccine. It costs £58 per dose + doctor's fees.

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