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MumOfTwoKiddies Sat 27-Oct-12 11:43:15

My 14 months old daughter had her DtaP/IPV/Hib, Men C and PCV injections eleven days ago and since then she has been very unwell and not herself at all. She started with a temperature and the crying, which we were expecting anyway. She has also vomited about four times during these eleven days but has not vomited in the past two days and has had diarrhoea until a couple of days ago. She has been crying a lot since the vaccination and has not been able to play or crawl around as usual. Every time she has gone down on the floor to play, a few seconds later she would start crying and would lean her head on my knees or the couch or just lay on the floor. She has had a few days of sleeping a lot as well. I have taken her to the doctors a few times and A&E once and every time they have said that it's either a stomach virus and she has stomach pain or another doctor said it was her throat, which was red but did not need antibiotics. They said to give Calpol and that was it. Over the last couple of days the diarrhoea and the vomiting have stopped and she has started playing again, slowly. However, the crying has gone worse, last night it was horrendous, it started in the bath, she started screaming and even after I took her out I could not stop her. She did not want her dummy, she did not want my milk and was hitting her face and her head and arching her back. She eventually went to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later screaming again, this time she would carry on and on and on till she was going all red and was starting to choke. Again she was hitting her face and head and pulled my hair really hard with an "evil" look on her face. She looked "possessed". Obviously I knew she wasn't. Anyway, the following time she started screaming like that, we took a video so we could show the doctors. I am thinking of taking her back to A&E again and demand some tests. She is still crying now. I am worried about Encephalitis but the doctors have told me that she would have e temperature if she had that. Has anybody experienced anything like this or similar? Any advice please? Thank you in advance.

CatherinaJTV Sat 27-Oct-12 18:25:42

could this be strep throat? A lot of kids get vomitting and headaches from it without a high fever... I would specifically ask them for a test. HUGS - hope it is better soon!

surfmama Sun 28-Oct-12 00:09:08

hello mum of how alarming for you it sounds horrid. god isn't it difficult. i have read other reports of the screaming after jabs, and it could be related, but could also be other things. i had to cut dairy out of my diet at around 5 weeks as my poor one would scream and scream. how is your wee one now?

MumOfTwoKiddies Mon 29-Oct-12 20:27:03

Hello, thank you for your messages. She seems a bit better as she hasn't screamed like the other night again, thank goodness but she's still not herself and still crying quite a bit. I will keep an eye on her, hope she gets back to her normal sociable and playful self soon...

Brycie Wed 31-Oct-12 19:16:30

Mumoftwo I hope your daughter is ok. If you google the symptoms of encaphalitis they are similar to what you experienced. She may have had a mild case. It will always be hard to know. I hope she's a lot better now.

Brycie Wed 31-Oct-12 19:17:28

What I mean is, it sounds like she was in extreme pain, had an extremely painful head/eyes.

MumOfTwoKiddies Fri 09-Nov-12 13:13:21

Thank you Brycie, yeah I thought the same, maybe a mild case...Anyway, she's a lot better now, she's smiling and playing again, although still a bit tearful at times and clingy but hopefully she will get back to normal soon and that whatever she had hasn't done any damage....

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