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8 week old has Green poo 2 days after 5in1 jab

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ImogensMumJess Wed 17-Oct-12 21:14:39

Has anyone else had this as a side effect? It has just been for the last two nappies. Otherwise she had been grouchy but not had a fever. She is exclusively breast fed..

Advice appreciated!!

Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 01:49:53

She nust be exitng some of the ingredient? have you llookd at the side effects?

Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 01:54:04

does this help" Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including diphtheria toxoid, is a contraindication to use of this vaccine. The decision to administer or delay vaccination because of a current or recent febrile illness depends largely on the severity of the symptoms and their etiology. Although a severe or even a moderate febrile illness is sufficient reason to postpone vaccinations, minor illnesses, such as a mild upper respiratory infection with or without low-grade fever, are not generally contraindications.36,37W


Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 02:06:24

does this help? you aren't alone but no expalatnio ecept for brest feedingl Is i poosl eyour baby has changed feed though street and si getting too much foremilk?

Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 02:10:58

had a look around - consensus seem to be passing otu the viurs

Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 02:11:42

@chnged feeding throuh stress not street"

ImogensMumJess Thu 18-Oct-12 11:09:23

Thanks! I phoned NHS direct, the nurse said its a side effect of the vaccine. 1 in 10 babies get in apparently...

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