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Baby diarreah/upset tummy - should i postpone first vaccination?

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thesmallestpotato Sun 14-Oct-12 04:14:40

8 week old is due her first immunisations next week but for the last couple of days shes had greenish mucousy nappies which i understand might be a bit of an upset tummy (she is exclusively breast fed).

Should i rearrange the jabs for the following week? Im going to call the GP on monday but i know they are likely to say she should stillgo ahead and have them, however the reason im a little concerned is that i've heard that vaccinating straight after a tummy bug might not be a goodidea, though i cant remember where i heard this, id like to feel a bit more informed before ispeak the GP

Does anyone here know anything about this kind of thing?

thesmallestpotato Sun 14-Oct-12 04:16:47

Apologies for terrible punctuation, typing one-handed on ipad and pressed create rather than preview post by mistake...

Brycie Thu 18-Oct-12 02:14:24

Yesk, probably, You cna wait ten days or so

flemer Mon 03-Dec-12 12:43:05

Any kind of vaccination is prohibited specially in diarrhea.As may create complication.Generally any kind of vaccination may cause a rise in body temperature of the recipient.So you should wait for few days till the recovery from diarrhea and then go for the vaccination.

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