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MMR live/attenuated virus vaccines is there any chance of transmitting/developing?

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sedgieloo Mon 08-Oct-12 13:24:58

I am hoping someone has else has satisfied their mind on this one.

Truthfully, we did purposefully delay the MMR. Two reasons I had IPT very badly after German Measles when I was 5 and hospitalised meaning (according to the green book) I am someone who could not have the MMR. It made me concerned that my dd could react similarly a concern my GP acknowledged but could not dispel and so we differed this decision at 13 months. We were going to go the single vaccine route starting with Measles, but when looking closely at the fine print felt unhappy and cancelled her appointment (should have been two weeks ago). Also despite knowing theories around the autism link have been long debunked, DH brother has Asperges and with some in the Autistic community still banging this drum the question was still hanging in my mind somewhat. Still we planned to have her vaccined by 2yrs old and before the arrival of DC2 and so she was booked for the MMR last week

We had to cancel her appointment because she has had a nasty virus. I am now getting mixed feedback from HCP about possibility of dd being able to develop/transmit the viruses. I am expecting a new baby at the end of the month.

I met with her GP who said no risk. But the practice nurse today (I had my Whooping Cough and Flue Vaccine as pregnant) was saying small chance!

Any reliable resources you could please point me towards please?

sedgieloo Mon 08-Oct-12 13:27:26

So here I mean risks to me having had IPT immediately following contracting rubella, and also for my newborn. I have accepted any real/percieved risk regarding IPT or other reaction from the vaccine. More about transmission/contracting the live virus from the (attenuated) MMR.

CatherinaJTV Mon 08-Oct-12 19:40:19

Measles and mumps as given in current vaccines in Western Europe do not shed from person to person - ever. Rubella does shed, however the virus amounts are so small that the only actual transmissions ever recorded were from nursing, freshly vaccinated mum to nurseling (because the baby drinks 1 liter of virus-containing fluid a day - no toddler drools a liter a day).

So, MMR does not shed from vaccinated child to anyone else.

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