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i would like support as i do want the mmr vaccination for my daughter!!!!!!

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holben Sat 22-Sep-12 12:46:06

I have a 3 yr old dd who had the mmr done seperately the first time. But is now due for her booster. Me and my family all feel the same on this. I realise that there are alot of parents who feel very strongly that you should the mmr as it is. But for me if there is the smallest doubt that this could be linked to autisim then that for me is enough!!! The reason i am posting on here is because i can get the signular jabs for measles and rubella through a private clinic in Birmingham, but unable to get the mumps, and i have seen people saying that they are getting this done and i am wondering if they have found somewhere they can get the mumps from??? If not are parents just having the two done and leaving the mumps?? Also i suppose i am wanting to see how many parents feel the same as me and what they are doing about the singular vaccinations, also any words of support/advice as to what to say to the doctors when i tell them i am not having the mmr with them. I really do not think it is fair that they will not licence the mumps into the country, surely this is our choice to make, plus we are paying alot of money to this done. I am really very grateful for your responses.

Beaaware Sun 11-Nov-12 10:12:34

If anyone is the slightest bit worried about vaccines given to their children and the side effects then you must obtain the vaccine batch numbers. I say this because some BCG vaccines were withdrawn during the 90's due to fear that they were infected with bse, people who have died from vCJD may have been exposed to this disease via the vaccine route but relatives are now finding it impossible to obtain the vaccine batch numbers. lessons to be learned.

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