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HELP!! 16 week injections and baby not taking milk

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bonsork Fri 21-Sep-12 19:32:15

My little girl had her 16 week injections on Wednesday and she has been off her milk. 4am 5oz 9am 1oz 3pm 1oz and 7pm 4oz. Any advice would be appreciative. Her soft spot on her head is dented inwards and she has slept for most of the day (generally unusual for my really active baby dirl).

lljkk Sat 22-Sep-12 12:14:05

Are her nappies still fairly wet?
Is she bright & content when she is awake?

CatherinaJTV Sun 23-Sep-12 01:22:51

bonsork - how is your girl today?

bonsork Sun 23-Sep-12 16:07:40

She has not changed much, still off her bottles. she is bright and alert when awake but a bit moody. Her nappies are still wet infact i would say more so.

lljkk Sun 23-Sep-12 17:13:14

All sounds good, the jab is supposed to make some response.
Take advantage of things if it means you get a bit more peace & quiet. smile

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