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travel health vaccinations

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helenearth Thu 20-Sep-12 16:48:12

Hi all

we are in the process of bookng a holiday to thailand for next year with the kids

.. and i was wondering where people would generally take their kids (and themselves) for travel vaccinations?, do you use your G.P.? or do you opt for a private travel clinic?

i think you pay at both, and i was wondering whether their was any advantage of one over the other?- and if so -- which private clinics would you reccomend in the Leeds/ west yorkshire area?

thanks in advance


sashh Fri 21-Sep-12 04:18:31

My GP does't charge for travel vax He works on the principle it is cheaper for the NHS to have people vaccinated than for people to bring any nasties back. Well you have to pay the prescription charges but just the usual NHS charge.

I also suspect he likes sticking needles in people. Depending on where you are in West Yorkshire your GP might be the same. A lot of families travel from West Yorks to visit extended family in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and if they are on a tight budget vaccines for a familiy might not be a priority.

I think the advantage of a private clinic is that you don't need to go to GP, get prescription(s) - go to chemist, who will have to order in, make another appointment with GP/nurse for jabs. In a private clinic they will have the jabs ready.

helenearth Fri 21-Sep-12 09:50:23

thanks Sashh, i hope our doctor is like that... well maybe not the bit about enjoying prodding people..

bugsylugs Sat 29-Sep-12 09:39:18

Hi late to this.
There is no point going to a private clinic for all your jabs as some are free on nhs. Hep a, tetanus and typhoid. Hep b if combined with hep a is also free. If given alone hep b is charged for or can be given as stated by sashh. Make sure you book in early enough as they take some weeks to become effective. Others cannot be given on nhs Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever etc.

So I would start at GP if anything else is needed take it from there.

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