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Local hospital seeing more newborns with Whooping Cough because people aren't vacinnating

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aufaniae Wed 12-Sep-12 17:17:43

Just had a chat with a nurse friend and she says the numbers of newborns admitted to her hospital as very ill with Whooping Cough is rising, because people aren't vaccinating. sad

I fully understand that there are reasons why some people can't vaccinate, but I am just so fed up with trying to explain why vaccinating is a good idea to some of my friends who don't do it - or delay it - for spurious reasons like "she's so young, I can't bear to put poison in her just yet". angry

Or "it's a conspiracy by the pharma companies" hmm

Or "the diseases aren't that bad, I remember having them when I was little and none of my friends died" hmm hmm

My anti-vac friends seem know all about the risks of vaccines and sod all about the risks of the diseases they're preventing! They also don't seem to have grasped how their actions may affect others.

It's very frustrating, and terribly sad when you hear stories like the ones my nurse friend told me today.

OK, rant over, just had to vent!

Borisismyhousespider Sat 20-Oct-12 22:56:14

Bumblemummy, It's not me blaming it on the immigrants, I was explaining (badly obviously) that the HPA had been in touch, as the adult (not immune to due vaccinations not having been boosted) population has been hit, BUT the source in our area does indeed appear to be indicative of the local university immigrant population, who are un vaccinated/boostered adults (I know quite a few people who have had it recently!)

ElaineBenes Mon 24-Sep-12 05:33:05

And especially because if you eradicate the disease you totally wipe out the profits!

AnitaBlake Mon 24-Sep-12 05:00:01

I love the implication that the cost of vaccinating child generates more profit for pharamcetical companies than it would cost to treat the actual diseases, plus potential lifelong side effects. Yes there is profit to be made, but not as much as in treating the disease, surely?

ElaineBenes Mon 24-Sep-12 03:55:50

'The government'? You mean just the UK government? Or is this an international conspiracy of every government of every developed country in the world? Oh, and I guess the WHO is on this big conspiracy as well. LMCG - you don't realise how ridiculous you sound.

You do realise, LMCG, that the reason that most children in whooping cough outbreaks were vaccinated is that most children ARE vaccinated. What's important is the relative risk and it's far far more likely that an unvaccinated child will get whooping cough. Importantly for the individual (rather than the community for herd immunity) the whooping cough vaccine is actually VERY effective in preventing severe whooping cough and long term morbidity and mortality. The problem is that it's not so great in conferring herd immunity because even vaccinated children with less severe whooping cough can still transmit the disease (although are less contagious than unvaccinated) which will therefore reduce the protection to infants who too young to be vaccinated.

I have also done many hours of research into vaccines (just not on the crankosphere) and, as a result, made sure my kids were also vaccinated against chicken-pox as well as the regular UK schedule. I also get them vaccinated against the flu when possible.

MangoLangoTango Sun 23-Sep-12 12:45:37

Again with the conspiracy theories. Vaccines really aren't that profitable compared to say a long term antihypertensive drug or diabetes medication. Just in the same way how antibiotics don't make much money, hence why the development of both these type of drugs are slow because pharmaceutical companies just aren't that interested.

Vaccines aren't perfect because immunity for things like whooping cough can wane, but immunity for whooping cough can also wane following natural disease. And the whooping cough disease in an infant can cause long term lung damage, brain damage and at worse death. So considering there is A LOT of whooping cough going around at present, those who choose not to vaccinate are taking a risk and should their babies fall ill, it will be the same healthcare services left picking up the pieces.

LMCG Sun 23-Sep-12 12:03:08

no I don't agree. why not the mmr for your dc if you don't see anything wrong with it?? why mention the auto-immune problems if it's not relevant?

Asmywhimsytakesme Sun 23-Sep-12 11:22:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LMCG Sun 23-Sep-12 11:13:29

bruffin you should work for the government ;) I`m going to look for some informed information- So far I've found a lot more `informed information` about how these figures were improving BEFORE any introduction of vaccines. The government just hijacked the information and turned it to their advantage. Your last post hasn't really addressed anything I said ???

bruffin Sun 23-Sep-12 09:55:40

Yes there is plenty of informed information out there. You obviously havent read a word of it.

LMCG Sun 23-Sep-12 09:43:51

I will never understand why people think it's ok to pump tiny babies with poisons that don't work. It's too late when the damage is done. There is plenty of info out there to make an INFORMED decision about vaccinations. You will only get a one sided argument from anyone in the health? service they are trained and conditioned to give scripted information and at the end of the day it's their job.There's plenty of information in libraries and on line about how vaccines DON'T WORK and are dangerous, causing untold health problems for babies that last throughout their lives. Vaccination is a multi billion pound industry that is protected and covered up by governments with no interest what damage is being caused. They pay out to vaccine damaged children when they have to but it is all kept quiet and they can always rely on the 'sheep' instinct of people not wanting to stray from the `norm` and have their children vaccinated for fear of being seen as making a fuss. In ALL the outbreaks of whooping cough most of the children were vaccinated!!!!! sad

sashh Sun 16-Sep-12 07:09:39

Was the 'blame it on the immigrants' aimed at me?

I wasn't. It's just interesting to see the differences between vaccination rates and wc in populations that are virtually identical.

bumbleymummy Sat 15-Sep-12 10:38:26

Maternal antibodies to WC don't seem to last beyond 8 weeks.

bumbleymummy Sat 15-Sep-12 10:32:12

Oh dear 'blame it on the immigrants'. hmm
Perhaps the reason you're seeing it more in adults, boris, is because their immunity to it has waned, as shown in the articles linked to.

sashh Sat 15-Sep-12 10:06:50

I have te full article * LeBFG* linked to - not sure why I was able to get to it, possibly because I have access to some articles through my research.

It compares outbreak with vaccination rates in a number of countries. Some give 4 doses, some 5 doses etc.

I think the most interesting is the East/West Germany.

SparklyGothKat Sat 15-Sep-12 08:36:21

I had wc at 4 months old. I almost died.

Booboostoo Sat 15-Sep-12 08:34:17

I'm in France and everyone gets recalled for whooping cough here every 10 years, I take it that's not the case in the UK? I don't know if incidences of the diseases are lower here though, the GP specifically advised us to check all adults around newborn DD had been vaccinated for whooping cough as there were outbreaks.

LeBFG Sat 15-Sep-12 07:18:36

This was one thing I speculated about Boris...either here or the other thread, about immigrant pockets enhancing outbreaks. There must be a heterogenous landscape of immunity across the country.

Yeah, I don't really believe they're hiding anything number. Normally they like to go on about how wonderful everything is about bf, probably a bit too much. Immunity against wc (not a virus) is a bit complicated which is why immunity wanes with time I think. So I can believe it's not easily transmitted mother to baby.

ElaineBenes Sat 15-Sep-12 01:31:45

Hmmm, so yet another conspiracy theory, numbertaker? Wasn't that with the mmr? Now those nasty big pharma folk are burying evidence showing that immunity to whooping cough passes in breastmilk! Goodness me! Yes, there must be a hidden agenda hmm

Borisismyhousespider Fri 14-Sep-12 22:49:54

Interestingly enough I work in an area with a high higher education population and the infectious disease people have been around to see us this week as several of our adult customers have tested positive for whooping cough, barely any contact with the younger generation, so it's looking likely that the disease is entering the country one way, through the inbound 'foreign' student population. FYI.

numbertaker Fri 14-Sep-12 22:45:18

I am sure its a crock about it not passing in the breastmilk, everything else does, there is some other agenda here.

numbertaker Fri 14-Sep-12 22:43:18

they cant reintroduce the whole cell because they withdrew it because of too many side effects.

as for vaccinating new borns the vaccine insert says that it is not to be given under 6 weeks old, and if they suddenly say its ok, i want to see the studies.

saintlyjimjams Fri 14-Sep-12 20:32:14

There's this one as well numbertaker

saintlyjimjams Fri 14-Sep-12 20:28:54

I'm actually very surprised that no-one is suggesting reintroducing the wP. Particularly as it sounds as if an improved aP is a long way from development. Wonder why that is.

LeBFG Fri 14-Sep-12 20:10:09

That's quite a interesting study numbertaker. How sad that the aP vaccine was rolled out as it was a safer vaccine only to see these sorts of possible, weirdly unpredictable side-effects. Makes one wonder if we should have stuck with the wP.

Tabitha8 Fri 14-Sep-12 19:13:20
This says no immunity is passed in breastmilk.
"Although infants who are breastfed are usually protected against most common childhood infections, they receive no protection against whooping cough. This is why early vaccination is recommended. "

I can't even find anything about this in the "crankosphere". Most odd.

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