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Anyone who has a child/children

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holdenmcgroin1979 Sun 19-Aug-12 22:14:56

that hasn't vaccinated? Starting to think I am the only one as out of my group of friends I am the only one whose children aren't.

ElaineBenes Mon 17-Dec-12 05:28:54

The Amish also vaccinate actually. What they don't do, however, is watch television.

Personally, I'd attribute their lack of autism to no television. After all, there is a direct correlation between hours of tv watched and the incidence of autism (and we all know that correlation = causation), television watching is so dangerous that the American academy of pediatrics recommends that chikdren under 2 don't watch it at all, and I'd bet my bottom dollar that all the research showing that television watching causes autism is being suppressed because there is so much money in television ( just look at the levenson enquiry and tell me the press arent in cahoots with politicians).

even more worryingly, I personally know many children who got sick while watching television and some who even developed allergies after they watched a lot of television. I just think that's too much of a scary coincidence.

ElaineBenes Mon 17-Dec-12 05:34:16

And about the rubella vaccine being from fetuses, even the pope thinks children should be vaccinated, so I guess you're literally more catholic than the pope!

Ironically, the one aborted fetus from which the cell line was derived was aborted because its mother was infected with rubella, it wasn't aborted to manufacture the vaccine. However, people who refuse the rubella vaccine on this basis are then quite happy to run around infecting pregnant women who may then be placed in the awful situation of either aborting or potentially giving birth to a profoundly disabled child. So, in fact, you could be the cause of more abortion by not vaccinating. Not sure how that one works theologically, makes no sense to me, even the pope doesn't get it!

Tabitha8 Mon 17-Dec-12 13:31:20
That's not to say that the Pope would approve of the method of manufacture.

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