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Anyone who has a child/children

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holdenmcgroin1979 Sun 19-Aug-12 22:14:56

that hasn't vaccinated? Starting to think I am the only one as out of my group of friends I am the only one whose children aren't.

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 17:13:14

I don't think it's up to me to decide whether they are good or bad tbh. I wouldn't tell someone not to vaccinate based on those reasons but then I wouldn't ever tell someone not to vaccinate for any reason! It's not my decision to make.

What about a child whose older sibling has been vaccine damaged? Is that a valid reason?

LaVolcan Wed 22-Aug-12 17:32:47

I don't think I have ever enquired as to whether people vaccinate or not, although occasionally the information is volunteered. I have never felt that it's any of my business. The majority of parents try to do the best for their children, and who am I to criticise if their ways differ from mine?

peanutMD Wed 22-Aug-12 17:42:26

Bloody hell OP asked a question and seems to have stumbled upon a rather childish argument.

Op there are many people on here who choose not to vaccinate for different reasons so toy are definitely not the only one, IRL however I don't know anyone who hasn't so think they may be spaced out across the country rather than concentrated to one area.

If you are looking for advice or support I would post a new thread a it appears this one had been hijacked grin

BeaWheesht Wed 22-Aug-12 18:17:03

In answer to the earlier question to me - no it wasn't easy to rebook - usually about a 4 week wait by which time they were ill again.

LeBFG Wed 22-Aug-12 18:38:17

What you are missing bm et al. is I'm not telling anyone to do anything. I'm not asking OP if she vaccinates - she volunteered it! I'm not going round with a clipboard asking everyone I meet if they vaccinate and if not, why the hell not! Far from it. I do many things with my DS that others disapprove of. But as this is an open forum I feel entitled to ask these questions given the right context.

Sorry if this appears to have derailed the thread. Thanks for the reply Bea.

Better get off this thread in case more things are read into my posts than were ever there. Blimin touchy lot.

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 18:42:37

Ds2 and ds3 are completely unvaccinated.

Many of the children we see regularly are unvaccinated as well (can think of 7 off the top of my head, and a bunch more who stopped after primary vaccinations).

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 18:45:09

Oh just remembered 2 more I know locally who are completely unvaccinated so that's 9.

I know many more that I don't see regularly.

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 18:53:52

That's quite a few saintly.

I was hoping you'd give an example of a 'good/valid' reason before you left BFG. Maybe another thread/another day.

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 19:25:12

Actually thought of 2 more that we see regularly - so that's 11!

The majority of those have at least part vaccinated siblings btw - before people start droning on about the crankosphere. So they have their reasons for changing their mind between siblings.

Tbh bumbley the threads the other week reminded me why I couldn't give a toss whether people think my reasons are valid or not. I can guarantee I will have read more than them and I am pretty likely to be suitably qualified (in their eyes - I couldn't care less what qualifications people have) to have made my decision. :shrugs:

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 21:01:46


holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:17:48

Oh crumbs! I didn't expect a fisticuffs on this thread! shock In answer to LeBFG's question, I chose not to vaccinate my children due to not being entirely comfortable with my children having chemicals and other nasty stuff in their bodies that may or may not work any way. I do feel like I am the only one that doesn't vaccinate, certainly in my circle or friends I am the only one with the guts to speak out and say I don't.

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 21:21:10

Don't worry holden, this is pretty tame in comparison to other threads on this subject smile

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 21:27:52

grin bumbley's correct; it is!

(you need to borrow some of my friends holden - I have just thought of 2 more potential but not sure whether they are or aren't confused ).

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:30:17

Thank you for giving me some hope BM, even though I am comfortable in my decision sometimes it is nice to know I am not the only one to be made to feel like a freak for not doing. I just want what's best for my children like any mother worth her salt but when you have people in your ear for months telling you your doing something wrong because your choice is different to theirs it does make you wonder. smile

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:31:15

Thank you saintlyjimjams. smile

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:35:22

If you could direct them to me i would be grateful grin

iggi777 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:40:26

Won't your children be safer if all your friends have been vaccinated?

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 21:45:28

We've only managed to catch childhood diseases (rubella and probably whooping cough) from vaccinated children so far. DS2 was exposed to (confirmed) whooping cough as a baby via unvaccinated children but he didn't catch it.

For measles yes I guess it is more likely to spread quickly via an unvaccinated group given the ease with which it spreads (although these are all individuals I know, they don't necessarily know each other).

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 21:47:05

Saintly, was it your DC that had mumps too or was that someone else?

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:47:07

Not at all iggi, as some vaccines shed, the recently vaccinated child can pass on the disease by sneezing or coughing on unvaccinated children or babies.

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:50:14

It is like playing russian roulette, however i would be happier my children fighting of diseases naturally than having it forced upon them.

saintlyjimjams Wed 22-Aug-12 21:55:19

DS3 was exposed bumbley (via a vaccinated child, oh and quite possibly all of them were expose via an unvaccinated child on another occasion - and that's another one I've just remembered grin ) but no-one showed any signs. I'm hoping they all had it an we asymptomatic - hard to tell in young children whether they've had it or not after an exposure really.

holdenmcgroin1979 Wed 22-Aug-12 22:00:26

My youngest got whooping cough at three weeks old, we have never felt so outcast till all my other children got tested and came back negative, as soon as that happened all our "friends" came crawling out the woodwork again.

bumbleymummy Wed 22-Aug-12 22:00:50

I remember someone posting about having mumps confirmed with a swab test (that they had to ask the doctor to do). Her children were unvaxed but there had been a 'mumps-like virus' going around the vaccinated children in school. Of course it couldn't possibly have been mumps for them! grin

Sossiges Wed 22-Aug-12 22:01:29

Would have joined in earlier but fell asleep putting dd to bed blush
My dd had her baby jabs but that was it and no.2 won't be having any at all. I don't care if people vaccinate or not, none of my business, so I don't tend to ask and therefore don't know if there are other unvaccinated children around, but I do know there is a support group for parents in my area, so there must be others locally who feel the same way.
Haven't seen a vaccination thread yet that didn't end in a bunfight grin

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