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whooping cough vaccine

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missingmumxox Mon 30-Jul-12 22:35:33

thanks Sashh, that was the answer I was hoping for, it is what I would do with an adult, but I know children can be a different ball game to adults in so many areas of healthcare.

sashh Sun 29-Jul-12 10:25:03

You have two options.

Book them in for the vaccine.

Book them in for a blood test to see if they have immunity.

But I suspect your GP will just offer to vaccinate.

missingmumxox Sun 29-Jul-12 01:12:35

thanks Elaine
I asked before I moved, but not forthcoming, as I had had to do it with the UK-US move.

I have had a moment of clarity and realise, as I agreed to everything, I just need to look up the school admission policy for that State, I was a little highly strung yesterday and not thinking straight.

ElaineBenes Sat 28-Jul-12 02:33:36

Can't you give the pediatrician's practice a ring in the US and get your DT's medical records? I don't even have a red book and the 3 times I've moved internationally with dc, I've asked for a print out of their vaccination records from pediatrician or GP.

missingmumxox Sat 28-Jul-12 02:26:23

Hi, generally I am shit hot on vaccines as I used to give them and now advise, BUT! these are to adults, so I know nothing about paeds vacs protacols.
So my problem, My DT's had all their vaccinations up to 3 in the UK, when we moved to the US they had nothing until nearly 6 when they started school, I took their Red books along to the family doctor there and they got a whole raft of vaccines at that point, I asked the red book to be filled in each time, looking at them today I can see there is a date missing as I have for some reason put the bill in the back but not the Family doctors form.

please don't judge me on this but for the life of me I can't remember what they had at this point, basically as you can see I am pro vaccine, but I am very annoyed that the land of the free doesn't let your child into school unless you have the vaccines they prescribe in that state, so I just said yes, yes and yes again, so I was just? well annoyed that parents are basically force to do this.
this make no sence but is a very British liberal attitute I am cursed with smile

any road up, I have reason to call the HPA (health protection agency) for work today and also co surfing their website, and the whooping cough is doing the rounds.

I am very worried that A my 2 haven't had the pre-school as in I have no documentation, but they may have had it and B a cousin is looking after my 2 occationally over the summer holidays, and her Dt's are only 8 weeks old.

So after this long and rambling post, would the GP? actually that is another point, do I make an appointment with the GP or Practice nurse for this? so if I just made an appointment would they just give the vaccine whatever? there and then? I am hoping they would, even if there is a chance they had it before?, or will they do blood test? as I feel this would increase the risk.

Also is it worth asking due to cousins DT's and my contact with them asking for a booster myself?

addition information I have had a employee in my work place who at age 54 has just had, and that is where I learned that the vaccine wears off.

thanks if you know any of the answers.

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