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Reactions to MMR - how long do they last?

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MrsMoppetMama Tue 17-Jul-12 18:45:46

My DD (13 months) had her MMR 11 days ago, she had a bad reaction after about 3 days (high temp and trouble breathing) and we took her to urgent care center. Although this has now passed, she seems to be really out of sorts and has stopped sleeping through. Her normal routine was brilliant as she went down from about 7 - 7. Now she is waking every two hours and is very unhappy. Is this normal? is this because of her MMR or is it just a phase? She has also stopped taking her bottle before bed, is it likely that she has weaned herself? Help! It's been pretty easy going with her up to now so a bit stressed by all this.

post Sun 12-Aug-12 23:39:03

Doesn't explain why less people get it though, does it?

monsterchild Sun 12-Aug-12 23:49:31

Post, fewer people get it because fewer people have it to spread due to the use of antibiotics. It's still around, just like cholera. The medium for it has been reduced, just like cholera. I'm guessing a number of kids have it, and it's just called "strep" and treated.

bruffin Mon 13-Aug-12 00:45:25

I suspect there are not lest cases, just less serious cases.
I did work with an older Austrian lady who insisted she was vaccinated against scarlet fever and had a certificate. I looked and there was a vaccine invented in 1924, but it was no longer used from 1940 onwards because of the discovery of antibiotics.

MrsGeranium Mon 13-Aug-12 11:17:49

Gosh there's actually a shocking level of abuse on this thread too.

I would really like to appeal here to the pro-vaccine campaigners in particular to try to avoid the abuse, belittling language, silly comparisons (turnips, red shoes etc) and dismal sneering that seems to fill the posts of certain people.

I think people who take this sensitive and complex subject seriously should be able to behave appropriately on thread, and I'd like to appeal to them to do so.

MrsHelenBee Mon 13-Aug-12 22:47:05

I couldn't agree more Mrs Geranium!!
I came on here as my DS is having his first round of MMR on Friday, and the side effects are something I've been very anxious about. With so many threads, I hoped I'd feel a bit more prepared for what's to come, but instead of answering the question, the vast majority of entries are so unnecessarily aggressive. Surely we are all individual, with totally individual children of individual needs. Isn't it the job of a good parent to do what YOU feel best for your child, given the information you have.
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but no one knows a child better than their parents, and no one else is going to have their best interests more at heart, so who has the right to criticise different parental choices if it works for them and their child? Do we no all want a happy and healthy child? Surely how we support that child in gettng there is own to us.
I am so disappointed that the site which has been so helpful and supportive to me in the last year, has turned into a battle ground. There's nothing wrong with debating but countless threads are just downright rude and inappropriate. Share the facts, that's what we're on here for, but if you can't keep your views civil and constructive to the thousands of parents on here, maybe it would be better not to say it at all.

ElaineBenes Tue 14-Aug-12 01:01:01

I agree with you about personal choices mrshelenbee. People do what they think is right and I wouldn't criticize an individual choice, especially if made together with medical advice.

I do, however, have a huge problem with misinformation, scaremongering, conspiracy theories and distortion which abound on the internet and also on here.

There are many good and authoritative websites you can go to for information on the mmr and side effects. They were linked to on another thread (I'm on my phone so cant get to it). Googling opens up the almost parallel world of the crankosphere.

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