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USA to put warning on vaccines re: Mad Cow Disease (vCJD)

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Beaaware Tue 19-Jun-12 17:39:33

I also put this in the news as it is very current but here is the link again:

With the FDA's admission of this warning does this mean all recipients of vaccines will now be told about this 'risk' and choices they may have?
When will the same warning be posted on vaccines here in the UK?

So here we are 27 years on from the bse crisis and we still have vCJD risks in our vaccines/blood, when will the new blood test be introduced to safeguard our blood supplies?

Tabitha8 Wed 20-Jun-12 19:54:47

Are the ingredients the same here? It does say extremely remote risk.......... I suppose it would, would it not?

numbertaker Thu 21-Jun-12 20:59:30

Good find.

What people don't realise is that all the ingredients on the insert are listed so that you are aware of all the possible risks (however small you may think they are). Once you present your child or your arm for an injection you are saying that you have read and understood all the risks and you are willing to take that risk. So therefore they are covered legally (that is the pharma corp) from any subsequent court action. The only channel is via the government system which is capped at £150,000. Which is not going to go very far frankly.

In this country the pharmas have a indemnity that prevents them from ever being sued. So even if there is a remote risk of CJD, but you get it, then you have been made aware of that risk before hand and they are off the hook.

sashh Fri 22-Jun-12 02:05:02

So here we are 27 years on from the bse crisis and we still have vCJD risks in our vaccines/blood, when will the new blood test be introduced to safeguard our blood supplies?

A little difficult that - there is nothing in the blood to detect

Tabitha8 Fri 22-Jun-12 18:59:28

If I'm affected by vCJD and I donate blood, the recipients could end up with vCJD as well, though, couldn't they, sashh? Otherwise, why this:?

Further, there clearly is a risk from vaccines otherwise there would be no warning labels, would there?

sashh Sat 23-Jun-12 02:48:32

Yes they could, but there is no test to detect vCJD in the blood - if there was it could be tested. All blood is screned, but you can only screen if you have a test. That's why a ban on homosexual men donating blood was introduced, at the time there was no way to test for HIV. There is currently a move to remove this restriction because blood can now be screened for HIV.

If you have recieved a blood transfusion you are no longer allowed to donate blood because you may have recieved blood that is contaminated with vCJD - it is very very unlikley that you will, but there is a theoretical risk so you are no longer allowed to donate blood.

As for US warnings - after Katrina british emergency packs were sent to the US for distribution - they contained a camping stove and basic foods. The US would not distribute them in case they passed on vCJD. This applied to all packs - including the vegitarian packs.

So how much of a risk do you think there is from a vegitarian meal from a country with the highest recorded cases of vCJD?

Do warning labels mean there is a risk? What about all the packets of peanuts that have a warning 'contains peanuts'? Or the ones on irons that say "do not iron clothing you are wearing"?

Tabitha8 Sat 23-Jun-12 18:39:09

Sashh I see. When you said that there is nothing in the blood to detect, you actually meant that there is no test? They are working on it, though, aren't they?

ElaineBenes Thu 19-Jul-12 04:11:54

Bonkers. There have been 3 deaths from vCJD in the USA since 1996, with 2 of the cases most likely exposed in the UK. There is no evidence of any association, the idea is theoretical and extremely remote at best. So out of the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses administered in the last 15 years, there is ONE death from exposure in the USA which hasn't even been linked to a vaccine. How ridiculous.

monsterchild Sun 12-Aug-12 23:56:46

CJD is actually endemic here in the States, most notably found in squirrels. Don't eat squirrel brains. Of course, we also have bubonic plague and haunta virus, and you're much more likely to get either of those than CJD.
I was banned from donating blood in the 1990s as I'd been in the UK. Don't think I'm banned any more. The BSE scared the pants of everyone here.
I think it's a total overreaction, myself.

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