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12 month old - vaccinations

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djcrescent Sat 17-Sep-11 19:47:17

Feeling really stressed!!! On 6th September my daughther had her 12 month immunisations which included Hib/Men C and MMR jab all at the same time eventhough it says in her red book first ones should be at 12 months and the MMR at 13 months. Firstly, is it normal that they are all at the same time? Secondly, my daughter has been uncontrollabe at times. She is really really tired during the day and breaks down having major crying and screaming sessions!! She isnt really eating well and isnt particularly sleeping well at night. Is this all due to the jabs? She had them about 10 days ago but has been like this for the last week really and doesnt seem to be improving. She is quite clingy and sometimes inconsolable to the extent that she makes herself sick. Should I just let her sleep as much as she wants in the day if it is beacause of the jabs? When will she start to improve?!! Any advice of previous experience really welcome!!

valerian Sat 17-Sep-11 19:59:30

Bumping for you, djc. I would take her back to the doctor.

valerian Sat 17-Sep-11 20:10:03

Djc, This thread has some people's experience of things similar to what your dd is experiencing. If you look further down the list of Vaccination threads, you will probably find more advice as well. Click on Talk, then All Topics, go to Health, then go to Vaccinations, and you will see a list of thread titles. Or just click straight onto Vaccinations highlighted in blue above.

sad Sorry she is suffering.

valerian Sat 17-Sep-11 20:10:48

Highlighted in pink above, sorry!

Blueberties Tue 20-Sep-11 00:30:28

Sorry your child is having such a dreadful time. Reactions to the jabs can last up to three weeks like the incubation period for a disease. I have no idea what to advise except going back to the doctor and caring for her as if she had the disease (or diseases), lots of fluids, lots of sleep, maybe some vitamin drops, stopping the normal routine and letting her body cope with what's happened. I hope you went back to the doctor today, I know it's so hard getting appointments, and I hope he or she listened to you carefully. I would also fill in a yellow card online for an adverse events report. I hope she recovers well.

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