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8 week old just had jabs......Whats more important sleeping or eating?!

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bettieblue Thu 28-Jul-11 15:22:59

Posted in health by mistake...

My DS had 8 week jabs today. He was extremely upset during his feed (unheard of, my boy likes his food!) but did manage to finish it. I put him down to sleep and hes zonked out. I feed him approx every 3 hours so would normally wake him. Do i leave him to sleep, if so for how long? If I do leave him will he have enough food (he normally goes down at 7.30pm and wakes at 5am). I want him to have the sleep he needs but I also want him to be well fed.

Today hes fed at 5.20am, 9.20am and 12.15 and so would normally wake him at 3.30pm...

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