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8,12 & 16 week jabs - did your baby react?

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beabea81 Wed 13-Jul-11 10:52:16

My baby seems to react badly to these jabs & I wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences? After her 8 week jabs she was crying, fussing & v unsettled for about 3 days, which I could deal with. But since her 12 week jabs a week ago, she has turned into a little moster!

She is usually such a sweet, laid back baby, but since the 12 week jabs she has been totally different. For the first 4 days she was grumpy, we couldn't get a smile out of her at all, & she kept crying & fussing & there was no consoling her. Then she got a bit better, but now a week on, she is still very grumpy. She used to go down for her naps & at bed time fine, no crying, just really calm. Now she cries & moans & just seems a different baby! She will start crying during the day & get very unsettled for no apparent reason, & she has even had a few "tantrums"!

I spoke to the nurse & the HV about this but they say it is normal for a baby to react for about a week or so after jabs. But I'm worried my lo will stay like this & that these jabs have triggered something in my usually sweet, calm baby!

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? And how long did it last for? I'm now dreading getting her 16 week jabs done, it is meant to be the worst of the 3 isn't it because they have to have 3 jabs at once??

I'm actually finding this change in my baby's personality really upsetting sad

CatherinaJTV Wed 13-Jul-11 19:29:43

3 months is an iffy time anyways, since babies usually go through a growth spurt - with my DD, the time around 3 months was very "off". She essentially "stopped" growing for a couple of weeks - like 50g of weight gain and the following two weeks, she nursed non stop and gained 700g. At 4 months, she changed again and got really distracted (constantly turning her head during nursing without letting go, outch) - she didn't have shots at 3 months, but at 2 and 4, not associated with these changes. If you google "growth spurt 3 months" you'll get loads of stories that sound like yours.

I hope your baby turns back into the mellow girl you knew very soon!

Iggly Wed 13-Jul-11 19:33:03

Well the jabs tend to coincide with growth spurts and developmental leaps which makes you think it's the jabs but it's not. DS around 12 weeks started to resist naps and went from napping for two hours to only 45 mins at a time. Didn't go back to long naps for months! Bedtime also became a nightmare too.

So I know it's hard but sometimes the reason for things going awry is because babies are just doing what babies do - growing and developing at an alarming rate which causes havoc grin

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