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Want to know vaccine information but GP unable to give, why?

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summersanne Sun 03-Jul-11 13:24:45

Have requested details of DD vaccine history as GP never gave me a complete one, however, all they will give me is the type of vaccine and date it was given. I asked for the manufacturer, batch numbers & expiry dates, should they have a record of these as far back as 93? and are they legally bound to give this information if requested by the patient? Where can I go for more info or to complain?

CombineArvester Sun 03-Jul-11 13:27:54

Mine have got the batch number etc. in their red books next to each immunisation, some of them even had a special label so all the nurse had to do was peel it off.

What do you need it for? Could you write formally to the practice manager and do a subject access request under the DPA?

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