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Obtaining measles booster while on holiday in France?

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BettyButterknife Wed 08-Jun-11 08:54:40

DS1 will be 4 next month, had single measles jab at 14 months. We're on holiday in the south of France at the moment for the next week and I've just received a Parentmail letter by email from DS's school warning of the measles outbreak in France/Europe, advising parents to organise vaccinations for their children where necessary.

Weather's not great here, so it's possible we could end up doing various indoor kid-friendly activities - museums, aquariums, soft play etc - where DS will come into contact with other children.

I'm wondering whether to attempt to get a measles booster for him while we're here. Is that even possible? How would I do it?

DS2 will be 1 next month so he is unvaccinated (although has had baby jabs) - is there any sense in getting him done if we get his older brother done here? Just not sure what to think or whether I'm panicking unnecessarily. Help!

RuthChan Wed 08-Jun-11 21:21:30

The second measles vaccination is NOT a booster.
It is apparently to protect the 2-5% of people who do not gain immunity from the disease as a result of the first vaccination.
Therefore, there is a 95% probability that your DS1 is fully protected now.

I'm not sure how that makes you feel about your DS2, but I don't think you really need to panick.

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