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HPV vaccine reactions

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DoraBelvedon Mon 18-Oct-10 17:40:00

DD2 had the HPV vaccine today. She's come out in itchy blotches all over her face. I can't find anything unbiased for or against her having a second and third dose. Any ideas?

bubbleymummy Mon 18-Oct-10 22:19:18

I would be nervous about repeating anything that caused a reaction like that. If she had come out in itchy blotches after eating strawberries would you tell her to avoid them or keep feeding them to her?

DBennett Tue 19-Oct-10 00:12:12

You are a little unfortunate but it is on the list of common (around 10% of cases) side effects.

Although I'd be tempted to rethink the repeat doses, I'm not sure it's fair to equate it with eating strawberries.

Cervirax appears to be over 90% effective against the viruses that cause 70% of cervical cancer.

What does that mean to your daughter is a bit more complicated, and as such I apologise if I make a mathematical error.

8.5 in a 100,000 women get cervical cancer.

6 of those will have a vaccine preventable case.

5.5 will benefit from the vaccine, it's not perfect.

So having the full vaccine reduces the cervical cancer rate from 1 in 1200 to 1 in 2800.

The mortality benefit is likely a little worse.

This assumes no benefit regards false positive results, over-treatment or for other cancers, and their is likely a benefit there.

Personally I'd want it done.
But I might try and get it done at a G.P.s office rather than at a school.
Just in case the worse happens.

P.S. All data form Cancer Research UK.
All maths errors that may exist are my own.

bubbleymummy Tue 19-Oct-10 18:53:03

Ok, I agree it's an over-simplified comparison but I still stand by the point that I would stay away from something that gave me a bad reaction rather than keep going back to it regardless of whether someone told me that it MIGHT protect me against a disease that I MIGHT get. Particularly when that disease that can also be prevented and screened for by other methods that wouldn't cause me to break out in spots. Just my opinion FWIW.

frenchbulldog Tue 19-Oct-10 22:33:55

How is your dd today, Dora? FWIW I would document her adverse reaction, take a photo, etc and make notes. And of course see your GP asap so that s/he can document it too. Have any of her classmates had a similar reaction?

DoraBelvedon Wed 20-Oct-10 17:13:56

thanks all. she was a bit blotchy yesterday but not much and i don't think i'd class it as a 'serious' reaction. just a tad worried that the next one might react worse. i'll check with school and GP ad see what they think.

sara32 Wed 10-Nov-10 20:14:44

My daughter had an altogether different reaction. If it had been like your dd, then I would have said Id want the vaccine done at a gps...
Unfortunately for my daughter she fell in to the severe or rare category and cant have it done at all. And is still ill now (it was done on the 18th as well!)
Im trawling the boards looking for advice, sorry to hijack a post, just at the end of my tether as to how to "fix" her!!

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