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hpv vaccine

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kentmumtj Sun 12-Sep-10 20:51:13

i am so worried about giving consent for my dd to have the hpv vaccine as it seems quite new and there are all sorts of side effects which worrys me adice welcome

bubbleymummy Wed 29-Sep-10 22:05:39

How awful Nailvarnish. You must be very proud of your daughter for standing up for herself though. I hate the way this vaccine is being promoted. Clearly, these girls and their parents aren't making an informed decision if their opinion is that by not getting it you will get cancer and die hmm.

kentmumtj Fri 01-Oct-10 20:28:41

Hi just to update you all my dd's class and year group had their vac today. My dd was 1 of 2 who didnt have it. No one spoke to her about the reasons why or tried to persuade her which im relived about.

Both of us are happy with our decision

sara32 Wed 10-Nov-10 20:25:14

If I could have known my daughter would react the way she did, obviously I would never have had it done.
She was fine afterwards, laughing at everyone in the medical room and their sore arms (this was one side effect she never got)... having had the jab at 9am, by 4pm she needed to go to bed, and as the night progressed she felt worse and worse.. sick shaky, sore throat, by 10pm we were on the phone to NHS direct and around 1am the docs had to come out to her as I neither thought it was serious enough for an ambulance, but also didnt want to move or distress her unnecessarily - however her temp was massive and her mouth, tongue and lips were swollen and she was finding breathing painful. It was just horrible.
But the worst of it is, she has not been well for one day since. And she had it 23 days ago and has only been to school for once day in that time (yesterday)... and that was so much for her, she slept from 8pm last night til midday today.
Its an ongoing nightmare, and to quote someone else on here - NO-ONE is listening to us. Its all a coincidence that she was fit and healthy before the jab and now is not. They tested her for glandular fever as her current symptoms fit this, but she was neg for it.
She has fainted and daily goes from agony and sweating to feeling "ok" "ish".
I am hoping she will go to school for eng and maths tomorrow, but I dont know.
So anyway, had I known all this, of course I wouldnt have let her have it, but I didnt even think. I just let her have it and have regretted it ever since!!!

MariaBN6 Fri 12-Nov-10 14:28:54

My heart goes out to you, sara32. How sad that your daughter is so poorly. Do you believe in homeopathy and do you know of a good one in your area? Homeopaths are known to reverse the damage done by vaccines. If you are interested you can join the yahoo Arnica group - there are quite a few homeopaths there, otherwise they might recommend one. Has to be a tried and tested one though! not all homeopaths are the same. Alternatively, you can write to an arnica leader in your area and ask them for advice! Here's a list:
All the best wishes and hopefully your daughter will be well soon.

kentmumtj Sat 13-Nov-10 20:31:39

Sara im so sorry to hear about

bruffin Sat 13-Nov-10 23:46:31

You may need to get several tests for glandular fever. My ds's friend took months to get a proper diagnosis. He was ill for months.

glandular fever test

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 19-Dec-10 18:51:21

Sounds dreadful sara. Your poor dd. Have you reported it as an adverse reaction?

Agree with testing again for glandular fever though - it doesn't always show first time.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 19-Dec-10 18:52:09

You can report here

choclab Wed 24-Oct-12 15:24:52

Im in same dilemma , please any advice , dd due to have on friday sad I'm in 2 minds , obviously we all want to protect our children for the future , but I'm concerned about the side effects , specially as when she had her MRI she reacted badly , high temp , sore swollen arm for ages after ...shaky
also , she's only 12 , is it really necessary to do it so early ,..and I'm also very concerned as to the fact this is a new vaccine , do we really know the long term out come ? side effects ?

my gut instinct is to say no (although signed form) but as approaching im not so sure , hmm hard being a mum sometimes ....

Sossiges Wed 24-Oct-12 16:10:48

This is quite an old video, but has some interesting information.

choclab Wed 24-Oct-12 16:20:35


Startailoforangeandgold Wed 24-Oct-12 16:49:28

DD had hers. She said it didnt hurt and she hates needles.

I am very pro vaccination and think we are unbelievably lucky to live in an age where it is possible.

Hate the scaremongering surrounding vaccination. Can't help feeling its MC mums with too little knowledge, too few real problems and far too much time on their hands, trying to protect their DCs against a non existent threat rather than a real one.

choclab Wed 24-Oct-12 16:55:26

what does MC mums mean ..sorry ...

JoTheHot Wed 24-Oct-12 20:12:19

Some reasons to take the above video with a large pinch of salt

I do wonder how people like Mercola sleep at night. They're not satisfied getting rich selling snake oil. They've got to frighten people off mainstream medicine too.

Sossiges Wed 24-Oct-12 21:58:09


Startailoforangeandgold Wed 24-Oct-12 22:34:16

Middle class, in the sense of being comfortably off so they are able to worry about buying organic food and avoiding cheap meat and stress about BSE etc.

Educated, but not scientists, read a lot, but not terribly critical about the source of their info.
They don't read the daily mail, but absorb any old scaremongering crap in a similar way.

They have the totally natural desire to wrap their DCs in cotton wool, even though their DCs stand the least chance of coming to harm of any in society.

With few real dangers they become paranoid about the dangers of vaccines, cell phones, pesticides, whatever the latest scare is.

Oh and lots of them believe in homeopathy!

CatherinaJTV Wed 24-Oct-12 22:49:11

Startail grin

JoTheHot Thu 25-Oct-12 06:58:28

'Quack' as in charlatan, 'watch' as in to keep an eye on.

GLTOmum Wed 28-Nov-12 23:10:09

Hi to all of you mums who have voiced your concerns on the HPV vaccine. I would just like to make you all aware of what has happened to my daughter. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and after my 15yr old had the vaccine 2 yrs ago with no side effects I didn't think anything of it when I agreed to my other daughter having it 9wks ago. As a parent it was the worst decision I ever made. Within 20minutes 10% of the girls became poorly and were sent home. 4% of those girls have since suffered serious side effects, my daughter being in that percentage. For 7wks she has suffered headaches, dizziness & feeling nauseous. 2weeks ago she complained of having sore legs. A few days later her joints were very painful so much so that she has since been on crutches as she is unable to walk unaided at present. My daughter who is very bubbly and full of beans loves her sport. She was a super fit, healthy girl. Today she is a shadow of her former self and struggles to get through a school day. It is so hard as her mum to see her go through this. We are awaiting an MRI scan but it's like talking on deaf ears to the doctors and health authorities. They seem to close rank and say that it's coincidental! We saw an amazing reflexologist who said her liver was full of toxins which have since over spilled - affecting other parts of her body. How many statistics do the health authorities need before taking notice. How many girls suffering with the same or very similar symptoms do the doctors need to see? Her school have since pulled out of the programme. Please think hard and research before making your decision. Thanks for reading.

CatherinaJTV Thu 29-Nov-12 22:22:41

GLTOmum - I am sorry to hear that your daughter is unwell however this

"We saw an amazing reflexologist who said her liver was full of toxins which have since over spilled - affecting other parts of her body."

is complete hogwash. I hope your reflexologist is not charging you too much for this nonsense...

sashh Fri 30-Nov-12 02:44:55

What Catherina said.

ripsishere Fri 30-Nov-12 02:55:19

Number three agreeing with Catherina.
My DD is 11.6. She will be being vaccinated next year. No question.

GLTOmum Sat 01-Dec-12 16:40:59

Maybe maybe not. Blood tests have come back which certainly confirm a few things. How long these side effects remain is unknown. The local health authority is now listening to those parents whose girls have been affected But the point of my message was to say do your research as this is a new vaccine being used in the UK before easily agreeing to the vaccine.

GeorgeCauldron Sat 01-Dec-12 16:51:03

What research do you suggest? A consultation with a reflexologist, presumably.

How about talking to a doctor? That would be novel.

umgroup Fri 18-Jan-13 07:16:07

my dd was one of the first group of teens to have this, glad to say she had no side effects whatsoever, got another daughter coming up to 12 will also consent to her having it without hesitation. neither of them have had any side effects from any childhood vaccines, i would probably be more cautious if they had, i do think that if they haven't had a bad reaction before then they will be fine.

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