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Bosinver Farm Cottages

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bgt Wed 05-May-10 21:51:06

Has anyone stayed at these cottages recently, thinking of staying for a week in September with our 2 year old.

nigglewiggle Wed 05-May-10 23:23:41

Have you looked in the reviews (Travel - UK and Ireland)? They get very good reviews. Latest from Feb.

HighFibreDiet Wed 05-May-10 23:25:12

We stayed last summer when our youngest was about 1yo. They were lovely. Can't remember if I submitted a mumsnet review or not but I would definitely recommend them. All the boys really enjoyed it (then 7, 5 and 1 yo).

CurlyhairedAssassin Fri 07-May-10 00:20:32

It is unbelievably fantastic. We're going back for our 4th year this year. We've been to all the local attractions so were thinking of booking in Dorset or somewhere but I just can't face staying anywhere else and being disappointed. Once you've been to Bosinver you don't want to go anywhere else! Honestly, can't recommend it enough. Haven't got one bad word to say about the place, it's just heaven.

[gush, gush]

They get booked up VERY quickly though.

bgt Wed 19-May-10 21:08:28

So you would say they were worth every penny. Quite expensive for July/Aug. Was thinking of September instead. Cant guanrantee the weather in this country!

Phoenix Wed 19-May-10 21:16:02

We're going for our 3rd visit on Saturday and absolutely love it . I've got a 4yr old ds and a 10 mth old ds. My ds1 loves feeding the chickens/ducks and collecting fresh eggs on a morning. We've stayed in Jacks barn, Coliza and this time we're staying in Apple (had to go a bit cheaper cos we usually go in Sept but going May this year)

Phoenix Wed 19-May-10 21:18:24

We had fab weather when we went in September last year and the year before

jaycee1963 Thu 20-May-10 16:49:03

They look really nice. Will bookmark their web site for the future.

stefy56 Sat 22-May-10 15:39:05

Nice and clean.

ChasingSquirrels Fri 28-May-10 21:49:46

this year is the 1st time in years that we aren't going (6 visits to date).
TBH they have got a lot pricier over the last few years, but they are pretty much in line with similar places.
I'd definately go again, but while I was umming about taking ds1 out of school again to go the week before half term, it all got booked up. And school holiday weeks go like hot cakes.

mirrymia Mon 19-Sep-11 13:00:55

This place is an absolute gem. We just returned two days ago. I rarely find the words "child friendly" and "immaculate" go together but Farmer and Mrs Dave and the rest of the team at Bosinver manage it perfectly. To reiterate what others have said before me - the chicken / duck / goat / sheep feeding / egg collection every morning went down a storm with our 19mo. The weekly pony ride was another major hit. Plenty of room to roam, a fabulous play barn. Everything a pre schooler could wish for. Plus plenty of places to explore in the immediate area. We will be going back next year. I can't say enough good things about thi splace. Highly recommended.

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