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west highland way with a baby?

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luluvalentine Wed 17-Mar-10 01:28:53

anyone done this with a baby and what was it like?
am thinking of going with my baby - she will be 8mth old so any help would be great

or any other long distance walking in the uk

walkingmum Thu 18-Mar-10 09:29:19


I was thinking about doing this a few years ago when my baby was 8 months old too!

The West Highland Way entails long walks every day, maybe 6-8 hours. This is a long time for a wee baby to be in the backpack.

The weather isn't guaranteed and you could find it raining constantly or boiling hot!

Another consideration is what to do about feeding. There are on purees etc and milk and it's not always the easy when staying in B&B's every night. It's so much easier when they are on normal food.

These were the main reasons why I decided against it. The WHW is a great walk and one to really savour, and I felt it wasn't going to be great for me or baby when he was so young.

We did have a fantastic walking trip the following year when he was 18 months, and we were walking 4-5 hours per day. We all had a fab time!

A good option might be to base yourself in one place and walk every day. Then you can have all baby clobber you need and do shorter or longer walks depending on weather, mood of baby etc? There's loads of fantastic places - let me know if you want any suggestions smile

luluvalentine Thu 18-Mar-10 14:21:27

all suggestions wuld be great!sorry wiggler on knee

TartanKnickers Thu 18-Mar-10 14:23:12

The midgies will feast on her!

BariatricObama Thu 18-Mar-10 14:24:42

no, why would you want to?

NightLark Thu 18-Mar-10 14:35:08

DH did WHW years and years ago when he was a young fit teenager type, and I got the feeling it was hard work even then. And very, very midgy. Do you like cycling? The C2C is very lovely. Is 8 months too young for a trailer?

luluvalentine Fri 19-Mar-10 00:06:07

I just really want to do some outdoorsy holiday in the summer with the baby
My original plan was for a cycle holiday as we usually go on cycle trips - we have taken her snowboarding already where me and DP took turns at boarding or looking after her - obviously the split was about 80% me and 20% him but it was still really enjoyable but our summer hol is normally a bike trip.
not sure about a trailer - I wanted to get a bike seat on the back and she may be ok but thought about doing it in August or Sept when definetely ok.
was worried about hte midgies too.
I also thought about staying in rowerdennan and chrianlarach and just walking a bit on either side?

Granny23 Fri 19-Mar-10 00:17:27

Big party of family and friends stayed at Rowardennan Youth Hostel in January for DD1's 40th birthday. We had several babies/toddlers and had a lovely weekend. You can book a family room with toilet and shower. Staff were exceptional. Hostel is right on the shore of Loch Lomond, loads of ducks, swans to meet, walks in 3 directions and in summer you can get a boat across the Loch or bus down to Balloch. Can really recommend it. See SYHA web site for details.

luluvalentine Tue 13-Apr-10 00:10:07

thinking now of wales as is close to family - anyone near there know of any good walks?

KatF Thu 17-Jan-13 15:28:20

Hi I realise this post was a while ago but I am thinking about doing the west highland way with my lb, he will be 23 months when we go. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about it. I have started taking him for long walks now but he doesnt like to be in the carrier for long. The main problem is when he is tired the carrier we have doesnt allow for him to go to sleep. Does anyne have experienced of another carrier. All help appreciated

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