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Child friendly cottage complex / farm holiday in Cotswolds

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kaybee75 Fri 19-Feb-10 19:28:39

We're planning a holiday in the Cotswolds with my elderly parents to celebrate my dad's 75th and go around some of the places from their childhood, and would ideally like a cottage complex so we can have separate accommodation next door to each other. We'd ideally like the sort of child friendly farm complexes that you can find in Cornwall / Devon but can't seem to find any. Looking for somewhere with a few amenities - kids playground, pool?, farm animals that kind of thing - has anyone been anywhere they'd recommend? Ideal location is Chipping Campden / Broadway area but would consider further afield for right accommodation. We went to a place called Little Edstone which would be ideal (if it was in the Cotswolds!!!) Thanks for your help Kate

kaybee75 Sat 20-Feb-10 06:13:50

Sorry - forgot to say, have seen Bruern cottages which look amazing but these are bit too upmarket for what we're looking for (and can afford!!)

hf128219 Sat 20-Feb-10 07:03:51

Have you looked at

Ruthiebabes Sat 20-Feb-10 20:31:27

We stayed in a lovely complex in Wales last year, so have been looking for somewhere similar in Cotswolds but didnt find anything.

However, I have now found somewhere, it is just two cottages but has an indoor pool and play area for the children. Details are prop ref 105359.

bubblerock Sat 20-Feb-10 21:14:09

What about cotswold water park south cerney? here You could go to cotswold farm park, burford, prinknash abbey..

mizzyb Tue 07-May-13 09:07:03

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