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Self-catering cottage in North Norfolk

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Leedsmumof1 Fri 15-Jan-10 23:13:42

Hello, can anyone help me find a self-catering cottage on the North Norfolk coast which is suitable for a one-year-old? (I and DH will be staying as well of course grin).

Most of the ones I've seen are a bit 'chintzy' with lots of vases, pot-pourri, etc; I would ideally like something more streamlined so I won't be spending all my time dragging DD off the decor.

Doesn't have to be a cottage, but I don't think a hotel would suit us - we'd prefer two rooms so we don't have to go to bed when she does.

All suggestions gratefully received!

fidelma Fri 15-Jan-10 23:38:25

Does it need to be Norfolk?

Leedsmumof1 Sat 16-Jan-10 12:42:20

Yes, we'd like to be near Brancaster and the RSPB reserves on the coast (we're so rock'n'roll these days...).

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Sat 16-Jan-10 12:58:53

we go back to Wells,
have a look at
usually more modern stuff in the region gets booked up realy quickly though

bronze Sat 16-Jan-10 13:02:12

not coast but near enough to get there easily

fidelma Sat 16-Jan-10 14:14:39

We have a holiday cottage in scotland.We owne the furze and hillfoot cottage if you want to go let me know I will give you a

Leedsmumof1 Sat 16-Jan-10 14:20:59

Thanks fidelma, but I think we're set on Norfolk.

Thanks for the suggestions, some good possibilities here.

fidelma Sat 16-Jan-10 14:22:07

Ps the furze has good bird watching from both the conservatry and the sitting room and the swallows nest under the windows,hours of fun smile

Leedsmumof1 Sat 16-Jan-10 15:06:26

Thanks again, but perhaps a farmhouse sleeping 8 might be a bit excessive for me, DH and a toddler smile

fidelma Sun 17-Jan-10 00:47:27

I am sure you will find a great place.Have fun.

schroeder Sun 17-Jan-10 17:13:34

We stayed in Southrepps last summer in a lovely 2 bed cottage recently converted I think. It's called Dairy cottage and we booked through Ketts cottages in Fakenham.

It didn'nt have very many ornaments, the only down side I can think of for you;is the stairs were straight off the living room so you might want to take a travel stairgate thingie.

There is a great family friendly pub just around the corner(The Vernon Arms) the beach at Mundesley is fantastic(and Overstrand too)The village has a shop and Post office.

God I miss Norfolksad

bourboncreme Sun 17-Jan-10 17:25:35

the best wbsite is glaven valley it has lots of different cottages and you can search recomemndations eg ,near the beach,romantic etc.

squashedfrogs Sun 17-Jan-10 17:32:10

You could try looking at retreats. DP & I stayed in the lighthouse cottage in Cromer a couple of years ago and it was lovely. There's other good Norfolk properties on the site too possibly closer to where you are thinking of but the lighthouse cottage was lovely without too much cluttery decor.

deloola Sun 17-Jan-10 17:40:05

I know it's a hotel, but Titchwell Manor is very nice and there were a few families staying there when I visited. They were v accommodating - they may have family rooms.

deloola Sun 17-Jan-10 17:45:43

This cottage in Thornham looks nice.

OllieWollieWoo Sun 17-Jan-10 19:13:58

Just seen this post! Just about to book a cottage nr Wells (reluctant to post link until its confirmed - dont want to be gazumped or whatever the holiday equivalent is!). Should hear back tomorrow so will post then (lovely cottage and lots cheaper than lots I have seen! May be too cluttered for you tho?)
When are you looking to go and do you have any sort of budget?

Here are some of the ones I found:
this one is one the beach
This one advertises on MN here
Anther MNér recommended this last week and it looked really nice here
Expensive but v chic here
Another here
Found lots more cottagey type ones if thats more of the thing you are aafter?

LadyBiscuit Sun 17-Jan-10 19:16:05

I've stayed in Tolly House which is very nice but probably a bit big for your needs (4 double/twin rooms). Beetroot has a cottage which she advertises on here I think which is 2-3 bedrooms.

ShowOfHands Sun 17-Jan-10 19:24:49

Beety does indeed have a cottage, is a bit further round the coast.

My ILs advertise on a thing called couch surfing which is a website aimed at backpackers and they put people up who are visiting the area for free. They like having a houseful (and they don't put people on the couch, they rattle around in a 5 bed house so you'd have your own rooms). If you wanted a nice base, some friendly locals and didn't mind more of a b&b type thing, they'd put you up for a holiday. They're really lovely I promise.

I know you'd prefer a sc cottage, but if you can't find anything- gets booked up quick- let me know and I'll give you MIL's details. They're in a village, few miles from the coast.

Leedsmumof1 Sun 17-Jan-10 19:33:05

Oooh, lots of replies! I've found something pretty good from a previous link (thanks merkin and bronze) here:

Nearly ideal but a bit far inland and wooden floors which my DD would be sure to bang her head on (am being fussy now grin). Will follow up these links at once, thank you very much!

OllieWollieWoo Sun 17-Jan-10 19:42:48

Those cottages looked lovely Leedsmumof1 - have saved those to my favourites! Forgot on previous link but we have stayed here in the past - the pool was great!

LBJ Sun 12-Jun-11 20:08:14

We've just finished our holiday let near Holt (and can provide travel cot and high chair). There's ample room for two plus toddler and it's a self-contained annexe so all on one level (no stairs). We have a four-year-old so there's not much clutter to fret about either! We are a walk from the village shops (excellent butcher, baker, greengrocer, oh and a PO) and we're just inland from the North Norfolk coast and five minutes drive from Holt.
Check us out on

OddBoots Sun 12-Jun-11 20:10:41

give a call and let them know what you'd like, I found them really friendly and helpful last year.

Tiger12345 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:04:20

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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