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Is Babbington House worth the money?

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TheBish Thu 22-Oct-09 14:58:31

My Dh and I are having a child-free night away for our anniversary and were thinking of having a night at Babbington House. It's so expensive but looks lovely - is it worth the cash? We just want to go somewhere easy to get to from London, where we can relax and have a nice dinner.

notyummy Thu 22-Oct-09 15:00:30

Supposed to be lovely - but also markets itself as very child freindly, so beware if you a. don't want to be disturbed by other peoples children and b. dont want to see them in case it makes you miss yours...

Why dont you have a look at tripadvisor?

there are a few nice hotels in Brighton:

Hotel du Vin
Hotel Una

Gangle Thu 22-Oct-09 15:05:37

It is lovely! Agree that it's expensive but no more so than other hotels in the same league which are around the same price. House itself is lovely, beautifully decorated, lovely food - wasn't that impressed with the spa but I believe it's been redone since we were last there. I wouldn't go there if you were trying to get away from kids though as the whole place is swarming with them, even the pool, and they are generally the stuck up bratish variety. Would steer well clear. Thinking of going back ourselves, especially as there is a free creche. Thing is, you will spend around £1,000 for a long weekend so you may as well go for a week's holiday somewhere. Also check out Gidleigh Park - fab food, Michelin starred chef, lovely countryside and no kids!

Gangle Thu 22-Oct-09 15:07:16

Also try Cowley Manor - much easier to get to than Babington, spa is amazing, as are the grounds, and fewer babies. Downside are rooms and food not quite as nice. Pros and cons. There was also doing some good offers earlier this year.

AWinHW Sat 31-Oct-09 20:04:22

I've been to Bab, mainly mid week but I have never thought there were loads of kids. I didn't have kids at the time so believe me i would have noticed!

Bab have last minute rates or 'special rates' as they call them so if you don't want to splash the cash full price then wait and see what comes up last minute.

I've stayed there loads and only paid full price the first time and only one other time and that's when we got married there!

Have fun , it's lovely!

Ewe Sat 31-Oct-09 20:12:52

It is lovely but agree that it feels even lovelier when you're only paying £200 for the night!

It is very much London in the sticks so if you want to really feel away from it then you could probably find somewhere that feels a bit more rural.

saltyseadog Sat 31-Oct-09 20:36:51

Take a look at Barnsley House. It's recently been bought up by the Cowley House management team, but I think it's focus is far more on adult breaks rather than family hols. Food is good, and there's a very new and chi chi small spa (and very expensive!).

It's also nearer than Babington House, but remains very rural. Also, they own the pub in Barnsley, which is also excellent - you could always eat there if you wanted another option for dinner.

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