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Pontefract - local knowledge and somewhere to stay?

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Essie3 Wed 14-Oct-09 21:39:07

I want and need to go to Pontefract. I want to see the castle, but I gather there's not much of it left.
Is Pontefract a nice place to visit and are there things to do other than the castle? Any shops?

Also anywhere to stay? I have a 16mo boy. We don't go out in the evening so ideally need somewhere with an adjoining room or whatever for him so that we can watch tv and he can sleep. (Sad life, eh? grin)

robino Wed 14-Oct-09 21:45:13

DD1 was born in Pontefract. Although, the infirmary prob isn't that great a place to visit wink

I may be wrong but doesn't look like there's much of the castle left (and it was closed last time I went because they found a body there.. ) Other than the Haribo shop (and maybe the Cadbury's factory shop at Monkhill - not sure if open to public) I suspect there's not much to see. I will stand corrected if necessary grin

I'd recommend trekking into Leeds for shops. Xscape ski place isn't far either.

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Oct-09 21:54:28

There really isn't a lot to do in Pontefract and there is very little left of the castle. It's surrounded by a new-build estate and opposite Aldi, so not even a great setting!

However, it is the home of Haribo, and there is a factory shop!

Apart from the castle and Haribo, then Ponte is just a small town, full of generic small town shops, more towards the budget chains end of the market, rather than the independent, boutiquey end. It's an ex pit town, with no pit and it is a bit run down.

You're very close to Freeport Shopping village (one of those outlet shops centres) and Xscape - indoor ski slope, climbing wall, outdoory shops, chain restaurants like Nando's , which might pass some time.

There is a travellodge at Ferrybridge (on edge of Ponte) and a suposedly v nice hotel at Wentbridge - a few mins drive away, hotel. I have never stayed in either, as I can be home in half an hour!

WickedWench Wed 14-Oct-09 21:59:15

Stay in Leeds and go to Pontefract on the train. It only takes about 30 mins.

Great place name by the way. Broken Bridge in ye olde Latin.

HappyHome Thu 15-Oct-09 12:12:40

I'd agree with bikerunski, Wentbridge House Hotel is v. nice and about 4 miles from Ponefract also Rogerthorpe Manor at Badsworth is good. At the cheaper end the Travelodge at Darrington is nicer than the one at Ferrybridge and has a child friendly pub attached to it.
There is a museum in Pontefract which gives good information about the castle. A couple of miles away is Copleys Farm shop with Moo Cafe, it has an indoor area for kids with mini tractors etc.
If you are a member of the NT there is Nostell Priory about 5 miles away which is lovely at this time of year.
Shopping in Pontefract is not good (although there are a few nice independant shops if you look hard). You would be better going to Leeds or York (about 40 mins drive)and there is the Junction 32 outlet village (Freeport).
Hope this helps.

BikeRunSki Thu 15-Oct-09 19:39:42

Ooh, forgot about Nostell Priory - big gardens for walking or running around, nice cafe and v interesting old house if you are into stately homes.

Essie3 Thu 15-Oct-09 20:44:50

Great, thanks! I need to go to Pontefract because I know a man who was at the castle. But that was in 1400...grin Oooh, maybe it was his body!! grin (Actually, I hope not - my theory hinges on him returning to Wales.)


I was kind of hoping it was one of those pretty little market towns (or whatever) with chi chi shops etc. (I live on Anglesey - stunningly beautiful but no shops grin) I'm not proud, I can happily go to Freeport, and spend too!

Wentworth looks lovely - at least it's historical!

Thanks folks!

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