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Centre parks-can we walk or do we really need bikes?

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used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 13:02:47

And also any other tips? Looks like the weather is not going to be great!

We are going to Longleat mon-fri. TIA.

I should be packing whie DD is alsleep grin

fluffles Sun 11-Oct-09 13:04:10

you can walk but how old are your LOs? - it can be a long way for small children... and a very long way if you end up carrying them!

VulpusinaWilfsuit Sun 11-Oct-09 13:05:28

you can walk, but Longleat very hilly. some might say too hilly for novice cyclists! There is a little train thing IIRC that can take you about...

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 13:08:32

DD is three but I was going to bring her scooter. She is quite good with it but I'm not sure about the hills...then again I'm not sure about me on hills either as I haven't cycled (apart from at the gym)since I was fourteen shock

Ooh had forgotten about the train, think that was in the brochure, DD would love that. In terms of distance is everything very spread out?

fluffles Sun 11-Oct-09 14:06:54

the 'things' are in a central area but the villas are spread out - i went running there and measured it on my garmin as 5k right round so that's more than 3 miles... your villa could be a mile or so from the central area... ok if you take all your stuff for the day with you but if you want to drop of swimming kit, change clothes, get sports stuff, shop etc... then that mile there and mile back can get a bit wearing when everyone else is speeding past on bikes.

one option is just to hire one adult bike for zooming around sorting out stuff and shopping etc but travel on foot as a family.

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 18:00:42

Longleat Map
Walking really depends on your accommodation location and what activities you will be doing.
For example, if you have a villa in Pine and will be spending most of your time at the Swimming Pool, then walking is perfectly fine.
If however you are in Fir and will be spending most of your time at the Swimming Pool, then it's a good walk, down the cascade, round part of the lake, up the boardwalk, past the playground. In fact... I'd say it's easier to get the LandTrain - though that does not run on Monday or Friday (it does run those days in the evening, but not daytime).

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 20:10:55

Thanks fluffles and nanny nick, I think we are near the swimming pool although not certain. Good idea about just hiring an adult bike. There will be four adults and DD so we could just hire a couple to start with.

I think we will have to take the land train a lot as DD is obsessed!

You sound like you know it well nannynick!

Really looking forward to it smile

NyeEve Sun 11-Oct-09 20:11:22

god nto at longleat
hill atstic

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 20:14:02

No to bikes?

SixtyFootDoll Sun 11-Oct-09 20:14:11

we cycled but ours are older and it is very hilly
The landtrain is very regular
Have agood time

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 20:17:13

Thanks SFD I would probably hire a trailer for DD if I did cycle with her. My poor legs! Good exercise though!

Hulababy Sun 11-Oct-09 20:20:51

We have had bikes for me, DH and DD> However went for a week last December with inlaws and PILs walked, didn't have bikes, and they found it perfectly fine. We were about 15 minutes walk from the centre I guess.

We were at the one near the Lakes and it was hilly!

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 20:25:53

15 mins sounds ok if DD is on her scooter. Especially with the four of us to take turns if carrying is required.

I have looked on the website and can't see it on the list bt does anyone remember if they have irons there?

Just looking at the pile of ironing here and wondering if I can put it off...

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 20:27:51

I would get one bike and trailer to start and more later if you decide you want them - you should know quickly whether you think it's feasible to walk everywhere.

Trailer will be useful if your dd gets tired and also for shopping/swimming bags etc

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 20:34:01

Good point about shopping etc I miss the pushchair for that when we go out for a long time.

moocowmrs Sun 11-Oct-09 20:34:17

We did not have bikes at longleat in June and managed just fine the only prob is the train does not run till later in the day on mon and fri, but was fab the rest of the time great with the kids they loved it. We usually have bikes but did not bother this time and had no problems, they laid on extra if raining or busy.

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 20:48:28

I think there is an Iron and Ironing board in most villas - though why you would want to use one I have no idea grin - If they aren't in the villa's anymore, I'm sure you can ask Guest services and they will get one from somewhere.

There is no laundrette at Longleat, so don't plan to wash anything there... back in the summer we resorted to washing pond water soaked clothes in the bath.

Landtrain runs every 20 minutes, except on Mon and Fri when it starts running at 6pm. Can be busy at times, especially when catching it from the Plaza stop to get back from the swimming pool. Starts around 8.40am, last train just after midnight (had a villa near the road in Ash area and heard the train coming past my window in the evenings).

Your villa number will be on your booking details - use the online system Pre-Reg part to look it up (if you can access that at this stage... how soon till you go?). If your villa is unallocated, then keep checking every week... as it often gets allocated several weeks before you go. Once you know the villa number, you can then find it's location on the map (see my previous post for a link to the PDF map of villas at Longleat).

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 20:50:18

And yes, I go to Longleat Center Parcs far too often!

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 20:51:00

FGS sake take dishwasher tablets - we didn't get any in our villa and had to wash up with shower gel...

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 20:52:19

Also, have a great time! I'm very jealous

moocowmrs Sun 11-Oct-09 20:53:52

Oh open all doors and windows before you start cooking the smoke detectors are very sensitive ! you can hear them all going off at tea time !

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 20:56:02

Are towels included in your villa? Check on this before you go. They are very expensive if you have to buy them onsite!

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 21:04:21

Not all villa types have dishwashers. So pack a bottle of washing up liquid.
When ever I've had a dishwasher, I've had a pack of 3 dishwasher tablets. Tip: crack the tablet in half - then use 1/2 a tablet per wash. It's usually plenty, if you wash off burnt on things first.
Exec and Woodland come with towels (not for use at the pool). Best to pack swimming things separately - as then can go swimming when you arrive, before you have access to the villa and also on your last day.

used2bthin Sun 11-Oct-09 21:04:21

Thanks all. Very good tips here especially about the washing machine or lack of. I had assumed they had one in the villa but will make sure we take enough stuff to last us in that case (or at least I will feel justified in taking loads of clothes!

Will definately get dishwasher tablets then thanks. I am excited at prospect of having a dishwasher (sad but true) and also a we have got cleaners coming in daily as have got the executive lodge I think. Off to check about towels now, have packed swimming towels but thats it.

nannynick Sun 11-Oct-09 21:09:10

Exec lodges are nice. I prefer staying in an Exec as then I get WiFi in the villa. Exec's vary slightly in what they have... some have a coffee maker, others have a smoothie maker. All Exec's I've been in, apart from the apartments, had a wine cooler.

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