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lovely self catering scotland...?

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bea Sat 10-Oct-09 14:39:12

can anyone tell me what companies/websites to use...?

am looking for summer... possibly on the ardamurchan / side of a loch? Highlands... but anywhere exquisitely beautiful... really!

3 bedroom... and very very tastefully decorated... some might say even luxurious!!! (oooo! get me!!! wink)


PinkPussyCat Sat 10-Oct-09 14:43:54

We have used Widerness Cottages in the past, their properties were lovely.

PinkPussyCat Sat 10-Oct-09 14:47:13

I meant wilderness!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 10-Oct-09 14:53:14

This place is sensational.

noshouting Sat 10-Oct-09 16:12:27

Hi we stayed here in May, it was brilliant it is totally enclosed so the little ones can leg about happily.
Loads to do both on foot or by car and the lady that runs it lights the fire before you arrive, it was bliss.

purepurple Sat 10-Oct-09 16:17:15

We stayed here
The chalets are all overlooking a lake and extremely comfortable.
In the morning, the ducks come to the patio doors for their breakfast.
I can highly recommend it.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 11-Oct-09 17:16:50

I haven't been there, but spotted an ad in the Herald today for this place, which looks really rather lovely.

>>checks availability for November anniversary<<

bluejeans Sun 11-Oct-09 17:23:34

I can recommend Ecosse Unique we've used them three times and always been excellent. Can't recommend specific properties as all ours have been 2 bedroom but there are plenty of bigger ones on their website. All ours have been beautifully decorated and had wood burning stoves which is handy for scottish summer weather

nuttysquirrel Thu 15-Oct-09 21:44:17

Try these people
Used large holiday homes and have always been great, so have assumed little holiday houses will be good

Sanna bay is lovely, so are kentra sands and bay around castle tioram....
This is a great area, near Ullapool, fabby beaches (achnahaird), great pub (summer isles hotel) and great local shop. Trips out to the summer isles....lovely hills

I use undiscovered scotland to find self catering thats not on big websites

A good book to get is called 'scotland the best' its esoteric and is a list of good cafes, beaches etc but not laid out geographically if you know what I mean

Ladyatron Thu 15-Oct-09 21:50:00

amazing location

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