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Please help me find somewhere special. Also anyone been to Gurnards Head in Zennor?

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mackerel Fri 09-Oct-09 13:44:04

DH and I are going away for my 40th for a night - maybe 2 if v. lucky. We've got 4 DC and have been pretty broke over the last few years so this is a super special lovely treat. the last time we had a special meal out was 4 yrs ago due to no money. My parents are booked to stay with the kids and we are off but to where??

I'd like to stay somewhere v. relaxed with v. good food. Somewhere with good winter walks and roaring fires. Because of being so broke my wardrobe is suitably rubbish so don't want to have to spend money on new clothes to dress up - plus hate dressing up. Looked at the Gurnards Head Hotel in Zennor and looking along those lines. Would like Devon or Cornwall. Thanks.

Scorps Fri 09-Oct-09 13:45:44

I have been there, for roast dinners etc, I live nearby. It's lovely. Out in the sticks, of course, but lovely.

mackerel Fri 09-Oct-09 14:01:21

thanks Scorps. it really appeals to me but I read a couple of mediocre reviews saying how underwhelmed they were by their reception and meal, so I'm pleased to hear a positive report! I don't expect DH and I will get away for another decent chunk of time so this really needs to be good. No pressure of course!

Scorps Fri 09-Oct-09 14:04:12

Have a look for The Lugger Inn, Penzance.

serinBrightside Fri 09-Oct-09 21:42:07

The Port William Hotel at Trebarwith Strand sounds exactly what you are looking for.
Good food, amazing views, log fires and you could probably turn up in wellies!

Drayford Sat 10-Oct-09 00:59:08

I second The Lugger..terribly relaxed, but can be pricey

Port William is fine, but the food is pretty mediocre for dinner and again, a bit pricey considering the quality. Perfectly nice for lunch after a yompy walk or surfing though.

What's you're budget (approx if you don't mind me asking) and where are you travelling from? I've got a number of places up my sleeve that I recommend to holiday visitors to my holiday cottages - but the list is too long to post here!

mackerel Sat 10-Oct-09 08:03:32

Thanks guys. Around £200. Looked at Lugger but was looking for something less town based. coming from devon so not too far.

Drayford Sat 10-Oct-09 17:27:53


Try these:

(might be over your budget)

Or slightly cheaper - these in south east cornwall

The Wellhouse
& a friend of mine stayed here a little while back and said it was lovely Barclay House in Looe.

JaMmRocks Sat 10-Oct-09 17:38:32

yes,yes,yes to gurnards head - DP and I go there whenever we can, tis 'ansome

mackerel Tue 13-Oct-09 13:34:47

Thankyou Drayford will check those out. JaMrocks is it friendly at the Gurnardxs Head? I read a few negative reviews.

JaMmRocks Wed 14-Oct-09 09:48:01

I've only been there to eat and found the staff to be really nice, can't imagine what would be different if you were staying there.

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