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Glasgow mums - I need your help!

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glasgowtomelbourne Mon 21-Sep-09 08:05:25

DH and I are thinking of coming back to the UK in September next year to visit family.
DS will be 2.5 and DC2 will be 5 months approx.
We need somewhere to stay.
We were thinking of a country club resort like Cameron House - only not as expensive!. My folks live in Bearsden and DH's parents in Paisley.
We did think about the McDonald resort at Forest Hills near Aberfoyle, but that is quite a trek to do regularly. Although there is lots of stuff for a small energetic boy to do.
Does anyone have any ideas of where we could stay? Our minds have gone blank.
We have considered serviced apartments but they are asking silly money.
The last time we were over we stayed in a city centre hotel, could do that again, but we would prefer self catering as eating in hotels is not good for the waistline or the wallet!
Any suggestions gratefully received.

geordieminx Mon 21-Sep-09 21:13:19

Hi - I'm just outside Glasgow, and I honestly cant think of anywhere self catering round that area.

You could try posting this in the Glasgow MN local page, as there are lots of Glasgow mums on MN.

Up near Cameron House is the Duck Bay marina but I think thats a hotel only. Crieff Hydro has chalets but they are usually quite £££ and you are still a way from Paisley/Bearsden.

Have you googled Self catering in Glasgow?

couple here

MrsMuddle Mon 21-Sep-09 22:28:31

I've heard good things about the Fraser Suites in the Merchant City - self catering aparthotel, I think. I'll will try and get hold of friend who stayed there and get a fuller report for you.

MrsMuddle Mon 21-Sep-09 22:31:06

In fact, loads of self catering here

MrsMuddle Mon 21-Sep-09 22:32:51

Sorry - just seen that you don't want a serviced apartment. Ooops!

Will keep thinking...

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