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Any MNers in or around LOUTH fancy putting us up for a night?? say £30?

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choosyfloosy Wed 09-Sep-09 14:00:00

Aaaaargh! I'm hopeless at finding places to stay! This is a long shot I know but I don't care.

There's a family event happening on 3 October. We were all set to go to the youth hostel down the road, but that's shut for the winter. The budget hotels are miles away, and having seen the TripAdvisor reviews for the pubs that the tourist info gave me, erm... no thanks. DH can't camp at the moment because his back is trashed.

We don't need much, and we'll be out most of the time. We don't need breakfast, entertainment, a particularly clean room, or enormous swagged curtains like many of the hotels I have looked at (although I don't OBJECT to those things).

The only things we do need are a single or double bed with an OK mattress and without a footboard (DH is 6'4" so needs to hang his feet over the end). Ds and I can sleep on the floor. Also some form of running water available to us!

Very happy to pay £30. It would be ideal to stay for two nights, Friday 2 and Saturday 3 October but would understand if that's too much.

Will update my contact a mumsnetter fee shortly... (does that still exist?)

ladders Sun 13-Sep-09 22:34:08

I was born in Louth, so sort of my home town!!??
Can't think of much at the mo but did find this.....................
I dont know which direction you are coming from so might be heading out the wrong way!!??
Will keep thinking

ladders Sun 13-Sep-09 23:02:33

Not much going on in Louth, but I do know my way around the villages.
If you are happy to travel 5-10 miles out then these palces may be an option:

Joll's farm at Greetham
Mizpah B&B Horncastle

Hope you find something??

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