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Travel lodge in Stratford-upon-Avon - PARKING

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maize Tue 08-Sep-09 23:09:30

Has anyone stayed here, or live near here? Is there lots of parking? Many thanks.

llareggub Tue 08-Sep-09 23:17:07

It is pretty new and has parking on-site. There is a retail park opposite where there is plenty of parking. The hotel is a bit out of town, did you know that? It is walkable but it isn't in the centre.

maize Tue 08-Sep-09 23:30:42

Location is fine because I am visiting a friend not the town itself.

If its at a retail park then there should be enough parking, was worried that it would have very limited parking but usually theres lots of space is places like that?

llareggub Tue 08-Sep-09 23:33:39

I've only driven past so I don't know what the parking situation is at the car park. There is a big Tesco, WH Smith etc opposite so you'll definitely get to park there.

maize Tue 08-Sep-09 23:38:52

Thanks for the reply, I booked it. My friend has said that if I get really stuck for parking (sometimes you can only park for a few hours at Tesco) they will pick me up and drop me off.

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