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Fawlty Towers Lives!!

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bookends Wed 02-Sep-09 21:56:30

Just returned from a extremely surreal experience at a B&B.

I had got bad vibes from the phone conversation with the owner, sorting out dates, prices etc. He seemed very abrupt to the point of rudeness. It was the only one in the area that I liked.

Well, Basil lives and breathes and was 'hysterically rude'. Rang the doorbell, he let us in and pointed past me and said 'Sign in'.

Told us the room arrangements, handed us the keys, told us what time breakfast was and that was that.

Normally feel welcomed, owner cannot wait to tell us of amenties, bus routes, restaurants etc.

Luckily the rooms, location, breakfast were great because we didn't see hide nor hair of the owner, till the evening when we were watching TV. He came in, seemed annoyned to see us there and told us to turn the tv and lamps off and went out.

It's probably something we'll dine out on for ages. My friend is extremely charming and even she couldn't get him to smile, pass a civil greeting or get a thank you from him.

We saw with him with other guests and he was chatty (?!). Obviously something we said or did, unknowingly.

In this current climate maybe he's in the wrong line of business.wink

serinBrightside Thu 03-Sep-09 20:10:12

You didn't mention the war did you?

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 03-Sep-09 20:21:31

Sounds hilarious, but if his enquiries/bookings are anything like ours, the current climate has pushed people to stay in this country and take short breaks rather than go abroad, Our bookings are very much up from last year as are the vast majority of businesses around here.

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