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Southsea Portsmouth in October ?

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Patsy4 Fri 28-Aug-09 00:55:08

My mum and her two sisters are visiting Portsmouth in October for a Wedding but will be staying an extra day...any ideas of how to best spend their time and places to but spotlessly clean..they are V.Fussy ..and I do mean extremely.

chim000 Fri 28-Aug-09 02:45:47

Gunwharf Quays has loads to do. Shopping, cinema, Spinaker Tower, lots of restaurants. Some very expensive, some average & some really good price. They are all sparklingly clean down there. However if they are going 1/2 term week probably best to be avoided.

Southsea shopping is a bit grim in parts (but that's really on the main shopping precinct), but has quite a few boutiquey places & little coffee shops & restaurants. (Mostly independent apart from Costa).

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