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Anyone been to Pontins?

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Elliea123 Sun 23-Aug-09 07:53:48

Hi, I am thinking of booking a weekend away to Pontins in Camber Sands with the kids(9 and 3), can anyone tell me of thier experiences of Pontins and in particular this holiday park? We have been to Haven a few times before, but just found a really good deal with Pontins, so would like to book it, Thanks.

FoJo Mon 24-Aug-09 21:27:39

We've done many cheap haven holidays with 'the sun' and they;ve been fine, other guests a bit 'dodgy' but fine as a base, kids love them. Caravans have always been lovely (even basic ones) and sites have 'looked nice' - flower beds and a bit of landscaping. Last year with the sun we ended up with a cheapie to pontins at southport. Paid our money and then read the reviews - oh my word! They were terrible so as we were taking my mum with us we decided to pay for an upgrade (cant remember how much). The apartment was fine, clean but basic (but didnt look like much considering we'd upgraded). the other guests/night time entertainment etc was just like haven, if you cant beat them join them in my opinion. The big plus was outdoor daytime activities provided by an outside company (PG Leisure?). They were £5 each and there was all sorts like quad biking, high ropes, mega zip wire, the sort of stuff you pay a fortune for at centre parks. We let our kids do a few of these and they were great. Sesions last about 90 mins and there's a limit to how many can book, if there are less you get more turns. My dd was the only one on high ropes and so she had 90 mins to herself and was shattered! BUT the overall look of the place was awful, 2 story blocks of 'flats' like something from 'a nasty council estate' (sorry to sound snobby!), grassy areas between blocks and people played on these, but no landscaping, flower beds or 'prettiness' - that sounds a bit daft but it made a big difference to overall look of the place. (Blimey I cant half waffle on cant i?)

Elliea123 Tue 25-Aug-09 07:47:45

Thanks, I am not expecting much from the accomodation, just somewhere to sleep really!! It's the activities that stood out to me too, look really good, don't think the kids ever really notice the things that we do anyway! I'm sure they'll love it.

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