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Anyone been to Bluestone Wales? Help please, going on Monday and I've some questions

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debbiewebweb Sat 22-Aug-09 14:06:18

Hi, going to bluestone on Monday with dd's 7 and only just 4. We're not sure about taking their bikes, a lot of the reviews I've read say it is too hilly for bikes but I'd hate to leave them at home and then find it would have been fine. When we've been to centre parcs we've enjoyed allowing the girls to ride their bikes without fear of cars, if anyone has been could you please give us your opinion. We're staying in Forest View to the west of the 'village'.

IKnowWhoYouAre Sat 22-Aug-09 22:36:12

No, don't take bikes, it's far too steep and hilly. Lots of people rent golf buggies, plus there are official Bluestone minibuses which drive round, so it isn't as traffic free as CP in any case.

debbiewebweb Sat 22-Aug-09 22:53:18

Thank you very much, we'll leave them here then. We're going to be taking enough stuff with us to cover all weather options hmm I really don't want to take bikes and not be able to use them, so I'm really glad you came along.
Could I ask if you have any other tips? Was wondering about music or maybe a film one night, do the lodges have cd players/radio or dvd players? We're going with some friends and am now a bit concerned that there won't be much to keep the 4 children happy if its wet all week. Will take some colouring books grin

IKnowWhoYouAre Sun 23-Aug-09 10:36:56

I went in to visit friends a few weeks ago, so wasn't staying. Don't recall seeing a CD player but there might have been one, the chalets are well equipped. There's a good TV with Freeview etc. Also in the sports hall there's a hands on science exhibition which is good for wet days. But the place as a whole is a lot smaller than CP, and the surrounding area is really beautiful, so I wouldn't expect to stay solely within Bluestone all week. Even if it's wet, the weather is really changeable, so I would still give the beach a go. If your two like dinosaurs this place is very close by and a bit old fashioned but good fun.

debbiewebweb Sun 23-Aug-09 11:47:53

That's great, forgot about techniquest that'll be good. We were orginally planning on spending most of our time enjoying beautiful beaches but forecast seems to suggest rain everyday. Undetered I'm packing beach towels and sun cream and getting very excited now. Thanks for your help.

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