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Need child-friendly restaurant in Brighton

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chicaguapa Sun 09-Aug-09 20:58:32

We're meeting some Spanish friends for lunch in Brighton next Sunday and I said I'd choose somewhere to go. There'll be 5 DC in total but 3 will be well-behaved Spanish kids who are used to sitting in restaurants and eat everything. The other 2 will be mine who can't sit still for 10 minutes and are incredibly fussy. So a varied menu (pref not nuggets and chips tho) and somewhere to run around would be great. Can anyone suggest anywhere?

Rindercella Sun 09-Aug-09 21:36:53

This is my favourite restaurant in Brighton. I haven't been there with children though, so am afraid I can't comment how child-friendly it is. I have never been here, but it looks fun!

Lizzzombie Sun 09-Aug-09 21:41:54

There is a Giraffe in Brighton now, which is great but always very busy.
We go to Wagamammas which is very child friendly, or there is a big Pizza Express next to the library, with a 'piazza' outside for them to let off steam.
Waikiki Moo Cow in the North Laines is good, but again will be very busy.
Can you do a picnic/fish n chips on the beach?

Pollyanna Sun 09-Aug-09 21:46:59

new Jamie Oliver's is nice and seems reasonably child friendly. You can't book, but can go an get a pager. If you got there early enough I think you wouldn't have to wait.

otherwise we go to the places that LIzzombie has recommended.

There is also the new Heather Mills cafe, but that is a way out in Hove. next to a playground though so good for children smile

chicaguapa Sun 09-Aug-09 21:52:14

Ooo! Will check out Jamie. We went to fifteen for breakfast in Cornwall last month and it was fab! We live in Wagamamas and Pizza Express. grin Thanks.

chicaguapa Sun 09-Aug-09 22:48:54

Anyone been to Tootsies? It looks pretty child-orientated.

Pollyanna Mon 10-Aug-09 17:17:09

it's much lower key than fifteen.

adult food is nice too. only problem is you can't book.

Pollyanna Mon 10-Aug-09 17:19:00

I'm not that keen on tootsies

I had mouldie bread last time I was there, so that has put me off.

I like Food For Friends too which is a veggie place. Has childrens meals (pasta and sauce eg), but adult food is very nice.

bossykate Mon 10-Aug-09 17:32:45

what about Al Fresco. it is on the seafront between the inflatables and the playground and paddling pool. they have pizza and will do children's portions of pasta. staff were very friendly to dd and me when we were there a couple of weeks ago.

dinkystinky Mon 10-Aug-09 17:43:56

Carluccios is pretty child friendly - do crayons and breadsticks for the little ones and pasta dishes are good for them too. Dont think they take bookings though.

namechanging2008 Mon 10-Aug-09 17:53:34

go to the spanish tapas in the lanes, they love kids there, and food is amazing... cant remember what its called but its opposite the font n firkin (dont let that put you off!).

scoutandjem Mon 10-Aug-09 17:55:18

Can I just say that I went to Heather Mills cafe last week when I was at Hove Lagoon with friend and five children under seven. I promised them a lolly as seriously hot day and they were being super good. The cafe doesn't sell lollies only vegan ice cream - other mum told me the kids didn't eat it and declared it gross! Crazy!!!!!!!!!! (Icecream van man would make fortune if he pitches up down there)

Pizza express is always v child friendly but nowhere to run around. If after graden and nice food have to look to the country - Ginger Fox is fantastic. Good luck!

LIZS Mon 10-Aug-09 18:00:30

We went into a good Italian last time we were down there, next to the Pavilion Gardens almost opposite the Theatre Royal. Shame about Tootsies, the one at Bluewater is great.

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