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friends looking to go away in the UK tomorrow or sunday - where to look?

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mckenzie Fri 07-Aug-09 20:42:31

Some friends of mine, a family of 5 plus newborn, are looking to go away pretty much now (to fit in with work shifts etc). They have exhausted the internet, Centreparks want £1800 for one week and they cant go abroad as newborn doesn't have passport.

They are South East England and have transport.

Any suggestions for where to look next gratefully received.


mckenzie Sat 08-Aug-09 14:41:23


bargainhuntingbetty Sat 08-Aug-09 14:43:40

Haven sites?? They are all around the place and are cheap and cheerful/

twinklytoes Sat 08-Aug-09 22:10:48

late deal on ebay if they could stomach a caravan for a few days.

mckenzie Sun 09-Aug-09 09:25:30

thanks guys. i'll pass on the ideas. I quite like the look of the caravan myself - shame I'm already going away grin

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