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UK holiday park companies?

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Stinkyfeet Sat 01-Aug-09 22:05:54

OK, so I've thought of Butlins, Pontins, Haven, Park Resorts, Hoseasons, Woolacombe Bay, and Parkdean. Are there any more? Or any nice independent holiday parks on the south coast?

We weren't going to have a holiday this year, but have a sudden urge to get away last minute!

twinklytoes Sat 01-Aug-09 23:47:48

croyde think you need to be a member of unison though.

Stinkyfeet Sun 02-Aug-09 09:59:21

Thank you - I am a member of Unison! It does look nice; in fact one of my colleagues goes there every year (in the middle of winter).

It's a bit more expensive than I wanted though - was hoping to find something for around £500!

Tortoise Sun 02-Aug-09 10:06:42

We are going to a park holidays park is that the same as park resorts? Much cheaper than Haven.

StillSquiffy Sun 02-Aug-09 10:12:22

I am just about to post a review of 'Bunn Leisure' where I stayed a couple ofd weeks back - very pleasant - I will link to it once I've put it up.

Stinkyfeet Sun 02-Aug-09 10:18:04

Have googled Park Holidays, and they're different to Park Resorts - so am browsing the website.

Thanks StillSquiffy, will check out your review.

Tortoise Sun 02-Aug-09 10:43:08

Our holiday was under £600 for a week which i was happy with. And have since found a friend locally who goes there every year and she said it is great there.

Stinkyfeet Sun 02-Aug-09 10:48:31

Which one did you go to Tortoise?

Tortoise Sun 02-Aug-09 10:50:32

We are going to Dawlish Sands.

K999 Sun 02-Aug-09 10:52:39

I would stay clear of Haven tbh. Just back from Haggerston Castle and the place was horrible...really filthy and the main entertainment area was filled with gaming machines and kids running out of control whilst their parents got pissed! shock

Tortoise Sun 02-Aug-09 11:01:36

K999 not all Havens are like that. We have been a few times and had a great time. Yes there are arcade machines but a lot of places seem to have them now.

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